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I have a question on whether Dragon Tail on a wild Druddigon is anything special. It occurred to me while I was battling it, that when it was hitting me with dragon tail, it wasn't switching me out. I noticed physical damage was not activating Rough Skin, and so it had to have sheer force. I looked it up, and sheer force does not affect switching out your mons when Dragon Tail hits. So I thought maybe it was my ability, but levitate sure as heck doesn't do anything. I have a full healthy party, and none are fainted, my ability doesn't affect it, druddigon's ability doesn't affect it, and I do not have preventitive measures to stop it from happening. I want to know how this is happening, and why. If it matters, I'm playing Black Version 2.

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What Pokémon did you have out when the Druddigon used Dragon Tail, and what level was the Druddigon and the Pokemon it used Dragon Tail on?
The Pokemon was flygon, it didn't faint either, and the druddigon was level 49. My flygon was level 59

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It's possible that Drudiggon's Dragon Tail didn't make you switch Pokémon because Drudiggon's level was lower than the level of your Pokémon that got hit by Dragon Tail. Take a look at this:

In a wild Pokémon battle with a single wild Pokémon, this move will cause the battle to end if the user's level is equal or greater than the target's


If the Pokemon that got hit by Druddigon's Dragon Tail is at a higher level than Druddigon's level, Dragon Tail won't be able to force you to switch Pokémon in a wild battle. Hope this helps.

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