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For example, if my Ninjask uses Substitute
and my opponent uses Whirlwind/Roar/ Dragon Tail, will it work?
Status moves like Leech Seed and Toxic don’t work on substitute so I’m not sure
And Whirlwind/ Roar fails on Ghost type Pokémon while Dragon Tail fails on Fairy Type Pokémon right?


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When you type /dt Roar on PS! it shows:   ✓ Bypasses Substitutes meaning it will ignore it. Whirlwind too, but Dragon Tail doesn't bypass substitute, it will take damage for it. And yes, they work on Ghost. Source for this.

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How about Dragon Tail on Fairy types?
It doesn't affect Fairy types
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Roar and Whirlwind are normal status moves, and Dragon Tail is a Dragon Type Physical move.

So Roar and Whirlwind ignore a substitute as Swastik said, but Dragon Tail still hits a substitute and inflicts 60 BP damage but doesn't cause the opponent to switch.

Certain status moves (normal) like Whirlwind and Roar still affects Ghost types but Damage inflicting moves (dragon) such as Dragon Tail doesn't effect a Fairy type.

There are some exceptions, such as T-Wave which doesn't effect Ground types.

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Hmm..... wrong thing about Dragon Tail. It doesn't force a switch to a substitute,  whether the Substitute is broken or not, according to Bulbapedia. Here, "Dragon Tail will fail to end wild Pokémon battles or switch out the opposing Trainer's Pokémon if the target has the Ability Suction Cups, is under the effects of Ingrain, or has Substitute set up."
Ah I had confusion, as I didn't understand your answer at that time.  Now I have edited. Thanks