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I was going to put Revenge on Druddigon for a Fighting-type move, but it has -4 priority. I didn't think to put in Superpower because of its stat reduction. Which is more reliable?

If your pokemon has not bad sp. Atk you could use focus blast (only a suggestion as another option)
As of right now, Atk. is 125 ans Sp. Atk. is 63. If this helps, its nature is Docile and its characteristics is "Good endurance." Also, Focus Blast is unreliable; it has an accuracy of 70, way lower than Superpower and Revenge.
I would say superpower or if you dont know what to choose teach it hyper beam or some other attack like giga impact

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I say go with Revenge, Druddigon has a very low speed stat, so that priority won't hurt you much, also Revenge will have 120 power (if you get hit) like Superpower, but without the stat reduction, but if you still want superpower, just equip your poke with a White Herb (Restores stats when they get lowered, just 1 use) ,so you can use it twice before the stat reduction

Hope i helped :3

You were helpful. Thanks.