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I was in the Grand Trial against Hala, and I sent out my Noibat for his Machop. Pretty standard matchup, right? I used Gust and it did about a third of Machop’s HP. It used Revenge and it did an unsurprisingly large amount (just over half of Noibat’s HP). Then I used Roost because I thought “That only did that much because I attacked it first” but even having not attacked it in the same turn, Revenge still did the same amount of damage. Why is this?


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Pretty simple.
When you attack, it does double damage.
But when you roost, you lose flying type and your fighting resistance.
(You attack)
60 into 1.5 into 2 into 1/2= 90 atk power
(You roost and lose flying type)
60 into 1.5(stab) = 90 atk power
That's why same same damage.
Hope I helped!

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That would explain it! Thanks!
You're welcome!
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