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I have put a male Ampharos and a female Pikachu together on Diamond to make 2 Pichu egg knowing Thunderpunch and that 1 is female and the other male.

Then put a male Pikachu (evolved from male Pichu and replacing Ampharos) and the first pikachu then replace the male Pikachu with a male Magmortar with Fire Punch, making a male Pichu then make it Pikachu

then put a female Lucario in the mix instead of the female Pikachu and replace Magmortar with a male Pikachu with those 2 moves (fire punch and thunderpunch)

so I have a male Riolu (soon-to-be Lucario) and replace the Male Pikachu with the baby Lucario and put a female Machop/Machoke to make a Machop egg with the moves Fire Punch and Thunder Punch? I have studied for ages and hopefully I am right!

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If you have Hg/SS, you can teach him both through the move tutor. You can breed him with any of these pokemon who both by leveling up, to make it easier:
-hitmonchan, electabuzz,medicham, electivire,and magmortar.

Your way should work, but this method requires less effort and is easier.

Oh dt, u ruined his happiness :p
he said " I have studied for ages and hopefully I am right!"
And when you write your answer, its just like an arrow, right to his heart when he knows that those punches can be learned from move tutor XD
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DT's method is fine for Pt/HG/SS but for Diamond you can do it this way.

Magmortar can learn both Fire Punch and Thunderpunch. Fire Punch at level 28 and Thunderpunch via the move relearner.

So just get a male Magmortar with those two moves and breed with a female Machop/oke/amp.

Hey pokemaster, my way works in Diamond/Pearl as well.
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It Should Work. I Never Chain Breed(Too Lazy) But That Sounds Right:) Nice Job Figuring it out:)

Thanks. I never have myself!