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I bred a female charmander and a male dragonite. The Dragonite knows fire punch, Thunder punch, Thunder wave, and Dragon dance. But the egg knew D-dance and D-rage but not fire punch or Thunder punch. Why I know it doesn't learn them by level up but it does by move tutor as a charmander so why doesn't it know them.

What were the other two moves that the Charmander knew?

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OK I think there is a small error in our guide. I don't think that Pokemon can be bred with moves they only know from tutors.

On #3 it should be any move they can learn from a TM/HM, regardless of how the parent learnt it. So if Dragonite has a move tutor attack, Charmander would know it, only if it's a level up move, TM, HM or egg move.

So in short there is no way to teach Charmander fire punch from breeding only - you'll need to tutor it.

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It's like with real genetics. All people can run, some better than others. But just because your father was a track star, doesn't mean you'll instantly be one. You still have to work hard to get that physique.

It's the same with your Charmander. Just because both Dragonite and Charmander learn Fire Punch and Thunderpunch via Move Tutor, doesn't mean Charmander can learn them by breeding. In fact, Charmander will never be able to have Fire Punch through breeding.

Just look at his Egg Moves. Those are the ONLY special moves able to be obtained.

i like your technique here