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Currently I have to rematch the Elite-4. I have my 'mons underlevelled, so before grinding them, I am thinking of changing my team. Should I make these changes?

Serperior (lvl 62) -> Volcarona
Unfezant (lvl 55) -> Braviary
Vanilluxe (lvl 61) -> Mamoswine
Zebstrika (lvl 65)
Carracosta (lvl 63)
Scrafty (lvl 66)

Modest Nature
- Growth
- Giga Drain
- Flash
- Leaf Storm

Brave Nature
- Psychic
- Bug Buzz
- Heat Wave
- Quiver Dance

Naive Nature
- Fly
- Swagger
- Feather Dance
- Roost

Impish Nature
- Crush Claw
- Fly
- Superpower
- Brave Bird

Hardy Nature
- Hail
- Ice Beam
- Weather Ball
- Mirror Coat

Sassy Nature
- Bulldoze
- Earthquake
- Bizzard
- Rock Slide

Quirky Nature
- Wild Charge
- Thrash
- Discharge
- Flame Charge

Docile Nature
- Surf
- Waterfall
- Rock Slide
- Shell Smash

Sassy Nature
- Brick Break
- Crunch
- Head Smash
- High Jump Kick

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it will be better if you provide the moveset for them

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While you may be underlevelled, it's very easy to level up with an abundance of Audinos, so that shouldn't be too much of an issue. All your current Pokemon are very viable to take out the Elite 4, but I would still recommend replacing Serperior and Vanilluxe, and possibly Unfezant if you so choose.

Serperior to Volcarona: Yes. Volcarona gets Quiver Dance at level 52, plus other good moves around that frame like Heat Wave and Silver Wind. Fire and Bug can hit a large portion of the Unova League super effectively.

Volcarona @ anything
Ability: Flame Body
- Quiver Dance
- Flamethrower / Heat Wave
- Bug Buzz
- Psychic

Unfezant to Braviary: Probably not, but you can if you want. The Flying type isn't that useful in BW's Elite 4, only hitting Marshall and a bit of Alder's team super effectively, both of which can be taken out by strong neutral STAB moves anyways. Unfezant should be perfectly fine, and Braviary would be a waste of time to grind, but you still can if you want.

Braviary @ Silk Scarf
Ability: Sheer Force
- Brave Bird / Fly
- Return / Strength
- U-turn
- anything

Vanilluxe to Mamoswine: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Ice + Ground is one of the best offensive typings in the game. It hits quite a few Pokemon for super effective damage, and even more for neutral. Mamoswine is far superior to Vanilluxe, as it's slightly bulkier, and has better moves.

Mamoswine @ anything
Ability: any
- Earthquake
- Ice Fang / Ice Shard
- Strength
- Return

Hope I helped!

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I too go with this answer.
but you can use shadow claw on braviary
I already defeated N. I am going to rematch E4. Their levels are around 70. And sorry I meant Vanilluxe. I already caught Piloswine, Braviary and Volcarona; and I doubt that they are worth changing.
Ah, I misread. My bad! I'll change my answer.
 I have a Braviary with Brave Bird, Fly, Superpower and Crush Claw (may replace it with U Turn, tanks for the suggestion). Return may not have high power, as I had caught Piloswine just now.
Happy to help!