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i'm playing black and my samurott has waterfall, surf, hydro pump and revenge. I need two moves of any other type(only attacking moves please) that can suit my samurott so that I can avoid hydro pump ( cause its not accurate). if you want to know my team,

Samurott lv65
Unfezant lv 59(fly, air slash, facade, quick attack)
Zebstrika lv 59( wild charge, Discharge, shock wave, flash)(flash because I may need it in case.)
Sawk lv60(Strength, double kick, cross chop) ( I dont remember the 4th one)
Krookodile lv59(earthquake, crunch, foul play, cut)
Reshiram lv60(Flame charge, fusion flare, extrasensory, Dragon pulse)

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i recommend swapping your hydro pump and revenge with ice beam and grass knot. the reason is that you dont need hydro pump when you have 2 good HM moves, and you dont need revenge.
ice beam is for your other fragon handler, because reshiram is also weak to dragon so if you dont want to risk it then just use your ice beam samurott. grass knot is for grass coverage and very useful against heavy Pokemon.
ice beam and grass knot is TM.

edit: I have another solution for you. if you dont want to use grass knot you could use either megahorn or x-scissor. megahorn has 120 power but not accurate, while x-scissor has 80 power but accurate. megahorn is a level 1 move level up while x-scissor is TM.

move reminder is located at Mistralton City, House east of the Pokémon Cente
location for heart scale
location for TM grass knot
location for TM ice beam
location for TM x-scissor

- surf
- waterfall
- ice beam
- grass knot/x-scissor/megahorn

Hope I helped!

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Why are these moves better than dig and megahorn?
i was thinking about dig and megahorn, but he already have krookodile and megahorn is a level 1 move, maybe if he could use the move relearner. i think im gonna look more into it