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Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Indonesia.

I played Pokemon World Tournament in Pokemon White 2 using a "custom" PWT (edit using DTE apps on PC).
I entered the team I used in Pokemon HeartGold as a finalist, and I couldn't beat "me".
Finalist (Heartgold) team contains (random order) :

(Nature Quiet)
EV 255 Atk.
/ Flare Blitz /
/ Shadow Claw /
/ ThunderPunch /
/ Flamethrower /

(Nature Serious)
EV 198 Atk - 252 Spd.
/ Outrage /
/ Zen Headbutt /
/ Flamethrower /
/ Fly /

(Nature Lonely)
EV 255 Atk - 148 S. Atk .
/ Outrage /
/ Dragon Rush /
/ Earthquake /
/ Crunch /

(Nature Lax)
EV 161 Atk - 255 Deff.
/ Earthquake /
/ Ice Punch /
/ Stone Edge /
/ Payback /

Red Gyarados
(Nature Lonely)
EV 208 Deff - 126 Spd.
/ Thunder /
/ Surf /
/ Ice Beam /
/ Hydro Pump/

(Nature Rash)
238 Atk - 116 S. Atk.
/ Crunch /
/ Earthquake /
/ Outrage /
/ Hyperbeam /

Any recommendations on how to beat it?
Currently the team I use (White 2) ; Zoroark / Lucario / Volcarona / Samurott / Hydreigon / Haxorus .

Single battle tournament format, Lv set 50, duplicate Pokemon and items.
Thank you

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@Omega-Blade X ah, thank you. I'll remember it.

@J ah, sorry. The number means EV only. (Highest EV point). For stat, I didnt know because it set to Lv. 50 (oringinally, Lv. Already >70 on Heartgold).
I export the .pkm file from HG using Pokegen app, and import to Download Pokemon World Tournament (PWT) using Download Tournament Editor (DTE) app.
Yeah, my team got oblitered with electic move from Gyarados and Charizard.

I have Electabuzz and Icecream Pokemon (forgot his name), so who need to replace?
Maybe Zoroak and Hydreigon?
Yeah, half of this team will be taken down with Samurott's Surf and Ice Beam.
@Team RR Blaziken
I though so too, it will easy to oblitered my "dragon team", but its not.
My samurott got taken down first with Gyrados (thunder) or Charizard (thunderpunch).
I would probably replace Volcarona and Lucario.  They are both destroyed by this team.
@Soulyoghi ice cream pokemon is called Vanilluxe

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Charizard & Gyarados

Teach your Haxorus Rock Slide(TM80, found in Mistralton Cave in the Guidance Chamber) if it doesn't have it already.

Garchomp, Flygon & Salamence

Teach Samurott Ice Beam(TM13, found in Giant Chasm in the cave) if it doesn't have it already.


Teach Lucario Aura Sphere(Level 51) if it doesn't have it already.

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Thank you, will try it.
Will update my team stat