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Hey guys. I was wondering what Pokemon is the best for a flying type spot on my team. I have a list of possible options:


I would like to know what is better for my team.

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What Game do you plan to use them in? As of gen 7, all of these Pokémon are not very good competitively, Unfezant is untiered, Archeops is in PUBL,  the rest are in NU; although, Sigyliph is probably the best as it sees notable usage in RU. :P
I planned on using them on my white 2 game, because I dont care that much on competitive I would like to go for one of them in my game
In game all of them are good. Either choose the one you can encounter the earliest or if you have progressed, the one you can catch at the highest level atm. :P

I'd say Sigilyph or Unfezant are your strongest options if you want to pick the best for in-game use. :P

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Name: Braviary
Availability: Braviary can be found on Route 4 as an interactive encounter on Mondays [White 2].
Stats: Braviary has very high attack from the start with good Speed to back it up. Its bulk, while not amazing, is passable.
Typing: Normal / Flying gives it very decent STAB's offensively. Defensively the weaknesses become more common late-game but otherwise are not bad.
Movepool: Aerial Ace and Slash are good early powerful STAB moves for Braviary to use, while Hone Claws gives it set-up potential. Later on, Slash can be replaced with Return as Braviary's happiness rises. Braviary has access to Fly for HM purposes as well as being a good STAB for the rest of the game, while Superpower and Shadow Claw provide coverage.
Major battles: Braviary does not have any major fights where it easily breezes through (save Undella Hugh), but can find a way to make healthy contributions throughout these fights. It can definitely sweep some fights, but oftentimes relies on setup to do so.


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Sigilyph Is a pretty good choice. While Braviary is stronger it only evolves at level 54 and doesn't have a large move pool. Sigilyph you can catch early in the game and is strong right from the get go. It also has one of the best abilities Magic Guard, which resists status moves. A Good move set example would be Psychic, Shadow Ball, Energy ball and maybe a Reflect/Light Screen. Hope this helps

The Route 4 Braviary comes at level 25 and already knows hone claws and aerial ace, so it's also strong right from the get go.