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I was introduced to the Pokémon franchise with Pokémon Platinum when I was a kid. I loved it, but never managed to defeat it. When I heard about the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes, I was absolutely thrilled. So for my 19th birthday, my family got me a Nintendo DS and a copy of Pokémon Platinum that I can play to celebrate the remixes. I wanted to finally beat it after all of these years. My team currently consists of:

  1. Infernape (level 49)
  2. Floatzel (level 48)
  3. Roserade (Level 48)
  4. Togekiss (level 47)
  5. Raichu (level 48)
  6. Garchomp (level 53)

I managed to defeat the Elite 4 but I just barely scraped past Cynthia's Spiritomb before her Garchomp swept my team. Any suggestions?

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First off, I would get your Pokemon to level 58 or higher. Cynthia's Garchomp is level 62, so you might want to be near that range. After your Pokemon are at a high enough level, challenge the Elite 4. When you get to Cynthia and she leads will Spiritomb, hit it with your best Pokemon. You have to do this because it has no weaknesses in gen 4. I suggest hitting it with an Earthquake from your own Garchomp. Then for her Garchomp, teach Floatzel Ice Beam. The Floatzel should out speed it and knock it out in 1 or 2 turns. Then with her other Pokemon just get a good type matchup and you will be fine.

So the most important thing is just get your Pokemon to a higher level.
Hope I helped!

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Ok, I will do that! Thank you for your suggestion!
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No, your team is not leveled up enough for Cynthia. Grind to the low 60s, or mid to high 60 if you want to be super safe. Bring a lot of full restores and revives(I'm sure this is basic knowledge for the e4). If you want to win without grinding your whole team, just get a Gyarados. It gets dragon dance, and good physical coverage. It can beat the whole e4 with dragon dance+waterfall(or aqua tail)+bite+ice fang. Just set up some dragon dances and sweep. Note that it will take a while to get gyarados up to the low, mid, or high 60s. I hope I've helped!

Nice! Thank you! I will train up my Gyarados!