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I'll be going to fight maylene and have no idea how strong my team must be my highest level Pokemon is three levels lower than her ace lucario and the rest are/in close to the mid 20s other than my ralts that I just caught to train up.Now I know her team and doing some calculations but still struggling a little I know team needs to be at least level 31 but still I don't want to loose because I have not been swept till now and don't want to break the traditon right now.

PS I have already got the team in mind and training my current team up.

team -

  • monferno
  • luxio
  • ralts(in training)
  • togetic
  • vaporeon
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please tell us your team
Make sure your Monferno knows either fire blast or swords dance. Knowing both is probably not very useful, though.

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I would definitely start grinding your Pokémon to at least Level 29 or 30. Luckily, you have 3 Pokémon with a type advantage over one of her Pokémon, so you don't need to grind as much.

Maylene's Pokémon are a Meditite at Level 28, a Level 29 Machoke, and a level 32 Lucario. Being Level 29 or 30 keeps you about On par with her Pokémon, so beating her will be decently easy with the type advantage.

Hope this helps!

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