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I have level 47 Zebstrika holding exp. share (i am fighting Ghetsis and checking its summary)
Its ability is Lightningrod, its stats are:
HP: 138
Attack: 134
Defense: 77
Sp. Atk: 83
Sp. Def 64
Speed: 127
Since I am battling I can't check its nature but, I have question..
If I beat or lose to Ghetsis, is it good choice to replace my Zebstrika with another electric type? Or make it stay? I like its great speed and attack which is the reason why I got it.

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Hey! I edited your title a bit for clarity, because in the description you want to know if you should replace Zebstrika specifically with another Electric-type. It would be unfortunate for someone to not read the full description and answer erroneously… please tell me if I'm wrong, though!
By that point, it would probably not be worth your time to raise another electric Pokemon all the way to level 47, even if it were better than Zebstrika.
Okay, sorry for asking this question.
No need to be sorry!

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Sumwun is right. You probably shouldn't waste your time raising the level of a Pokemon. If you have the patience to do it maybe after the game is over, I would use Eelektross (Think that's how you spell it). I used one and I dominated against most Pokemon since it has no weakness.

First, I think Emolga is better than Eelektross. It has two types, which means its STAB moves get more coverage. Emolga is also fast enough that it can often one-shot opponents before the opponents can exploit its weaknesses, so having two more weaknesses isn't that much of a problem. Second, can you please call me "sumwun" and not "Sumwun"? Thanks.
It's the beginning of a sentence sumwun, every word is capitalized at the beginning of a sentence.

As for comparing the two Pokémon, Emolga is faster but Eelektross has a better movepool, so really it comes down to speed vs efficiency. Although in BW it can have Flying Gem Acrobatics, which will punch right through most Pokémon.
First, I don't think coverage is important for NPCs because a Pokemon can easily switch to a teammate. Second, if you were right, then why don't people capitalize sentences like, "iPhones are the most useless invention ever"?
Like everything in the English language, there are exceptions, and I doubt the names of Apple products are important enough to warrant a different rule. However, when it comes to names, even those that begin with a lowercase letter are capitalized at the beginning of a sentence. They are not exceptions. Usernames are used in lieu of real names, so the same rule applies.


You do have a point about being able to switch Pokémon. I suppose it just comes down to playstyle. I prefer to smash as much coverage as I can onto my Pokémon to make sure that I'm not caught unprepared — but either way is fine.