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Thunder, thunder volt or volt tackle, well because you know it's not good to have many moves of the same type, well which one?

Well thunder has a high attack power, but low accuracy and for volt tackle it has a high attack power and better accuracy than thunder but it does damage to my pikachu due to recoil and thunder volt it has a good power and accuracy, I'm planning on choosing two

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I would go against others and say only choose ONE electric move.

If your special attack is higher, go for Thunderbolt. It has 100% accuracy and is still really powerful. If the attack is better then Volt Tackle would be a better option.

Then you can save spots for other types of moves (like a Water move if possible) and some stat-increasing moves perhaps.

thank you so much, my pikachu's attack is better i'd go for volt tackle
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If you're keeping a Pikachu, and it has a choice of Volt Tackle, I'm going to assume it has a Light Ball. If so, still go with thunderbolt. While Thunder and Volt Tackle are both stronger than thunderbolt, thunder has 70 accuracy, while Volt Tackle has 90 accuracy and 1/3 recoil. Pikachu are incredibly frail, so you don't want to throw your precious HP out the window just to use Volt Tackle.

Remember, Pikachu isn't the high-tier Pokemon he is in the anime. Pikachu, without a Light Ball, are incredibly delicate and can die to any attack. Even with a Light Ball, they are still frail, but are hole-ripping powerful offensive forces.

volt tackle has 100% acurracy
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Thunder and Thunderbolt. This way, you have accuracy AND power giving you a strong stategy. Plus you do not lose any health yourself. However, I think you should evolve Pikachu as it will get MUCH stronger!

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is that so? thank you