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I have a habit of always having a Fire, Grass, Water, Flying, and Electric type. Well, I am playing XY and am wondering if I should use Helioptile, Pikachu, or Emolga? I will evolve the Helioptile or Pikachu (if chosen).

I would like to know:
-Which Electric type you recommend
-Recommended move-set for selected
-Reason why you chose what you chose

Thank you!

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I know these aren't the best choices, but I would like to use one. Thank you for your help and understanding.
Yeah i personally wouldnt use any of these but , i would use pikachu , helioptile has bad defense from my playthrough and emolga is weak ,

Moves: volt tackle , thunder wave , iron tail , thunder

Also i didnt want this as an answer so dont judge
I always use Magneton/Magnezone on some playthroughs because like a lot of people know, his special defense and attack are really good and he can counter many pokemon, especially Diantha's.  He's also pretty tanky, but if you were not to use Magnezone, you could use you Heliolisk for it's speed and special attack, also it's ability Dry Skin is pretty useful to be honest.

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Don't use any of them.
The best electric for xy ingame would be magneton.
Although it comes after lavarre gym, its pretty good. And it comes in its evolved form, magneton. And its level is 37-38. Its special attack is high and other stats are average. Eviolite make it more bulky. And when it evolves, its special atk become higher. Its typing has the most ressistances of all Pokemon. Its movepool is great. It has thunderbolt, flash cannon, tri attack and many good moves. It can defeat the remaining gyms easily. It starts shining when it defeats team flare's poison and flying Pokemon. It can handle siebold-drasna easily and thanks to its steel type, diantha too.
Moveset: thunderbolt, flash cannon, volt switch and barriar/thunder wave.
Then I would choose helioptile because its special atk and speed are good. These two stats are useful for finishing the game quickly. Its movepool is better than magneton. It can defeat elite four and gyms quickly.
Moveset: thunderbolt, surf, grass knot and parabolic charge.

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Thank you very much for your suggestion, but I would rather use one of those choices. When I get a game, I like to use Pokemon I've never used before, which is why I don't want to use Magneton. I may use Helioptile, though, depending on some other people's responses.
(If no one else answers with what I am looking for, I will give you the best answer.) Thank you for your help.
If that's the case, then you should probably use Emolga because it comes already fully evolved (and flying is a good type).
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I recommend Zapdos. Not only does it have high Sp. Atk and Speed, but played correctly, it could be catastrophic against your opponent.

For its moveset, this is my Zapdos' moveset, but you don't have to use it if you don't want to;

[email protected] Plate
Fly(for and HM and STAB)
Zap Cannon

However, to get Zapdos in X or Y, you will have to pick Fennekin as your starter, so if you didn't pick Fennekin, you either have to start a new game or get a Zapdos off the GTS.

Anyway, hope I helped!

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I personally would use this moveset , and you dont need to restart for zapdos use GTS although i would swap roost for so,ething else.
This Zapdos is pretty okay in game, except (for me at least) without accuracy boosters or lock-on, Zap Cannon needs to go. I am sure there are many great replacements for Zap Cannon, like Ancient power, as mentioned in the comments above. :P

GinnyEvilShadow, in a pokemon game, when something is post-game, you can only use/access it after you beat the Pokemon League/main plot of the game.
So BASICALLY post game is after you beat then hampion
Not always, but kinda? Some games have stuff unlock after the secondary story, and G/S/Hg/Ss had you beat the pokemon league, then 8 more gyms, then it again; but if you beat it again before you beat the next 8 gyms, it doesn't count as post game :P
It's weird Stakatacool my Zap Cannon tends to hit more often than it should. It's just like my Delphox's Fire Blast; it tends to always hit every time..
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My Opinion:helioptile because its a good Pokemon to start IMO and its evolution Heliolisk for Parabolic Charge and its good speed but I am not a X n Y player but I think it will be good

Thank you very much, this was just what I am looking for. Have any idea for a move-set? If you add one, I will best answer.
I don't think this is quite right. Emolga is probably better because it has better offensive typing (flying is better than normal) and doesn't need to evolve.
Heliolisk might be better than Emolga. If you think about it, Emolga is worse in terms of stats and only coverage is U-Turn (correct me if I’m wrong). Parabolic Charge is fine. Emolga really just excels in Speed. Sure Flying type removes Ground type weakness but adds Rock and Ice into the equation. Although that extra handling against Fighting, Grass, and Bug (correct me if I’m wrong again) is quite nice. But overall, Emolga doesn’t really do well.
Acrobatics doesn't count as coverage? Also I think the sun stone comes kind of late, so you're stuck with a Helioptile until then, and Helioptile's stats are definitely worse than Emolga's.