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I'm playing Black and about to challenge Skyla! I want to use an Electric type and my options are:

Zebstrika is a Physical Electric type which is not good, Galvantula has a type overlap with my Leavanny, and if I want Eelektross I would need to overlevel. Only option left is Emolga trade at Route 7! Emolga is cute, has a unique typing, and will help with the gym! But is it worth having? Pika-Clones are not known for being strong so I'm a bit nervous.

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To be completely honest with you, anything can work in-game if you level it up enough. Emolga is found early on Route 5, 6 before Skyla, so you can obtain it. It's Ability in Static isn't bad by any means, but it's attacking stats are lackluster at 75 each. While it's attacking moves consist of Electro Ball, Pursuit, Acrobatics and Volt Switch by Level up (No need for Spark or Quick Attack) and Thunderbolt, Facade, U-Turn and Hidden Power by TM, there is enough coverage to do, but not extraordinary.

So, Emolga is by no means not viable, so go ahead and use it if you want, especially if you don't want to use any of the other Electric types available.

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Thanks for the help !
LOL i just answered people on another question about emolga ! They're gonna think im weird now.
In my first ruby playthrough, i used plusle to win me the pokemon league, so the pika clone its weak, but if used right, it will become strong