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I'm trying to breed an emolga so it can learn iron tail.

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You can look at our egg moves page for Emolga to see who it can breed with to learn Iron Tail. But it isn't that simple. You'll either need to teach TM23 to a compatible Pokemon in a Gen 4 game (Diamond etc), or chain breed. One method of chain breeding would be:

  1. Level up a male Aron/Lairon/Aggron until it learns Iron Tail.
  2. Breed with a female Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos until you get a male baby with Iron Tail.
  3. Breed that with a female Emolga to get an Emolga with Iron Tail!
you can also skip the breeding of aron with mareep step and sketch the move with a male smeargle and breed with the emolga.
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Ditto, obviously.

It's in the Field egg group, so a ton of Pokemon like Patrat, Lillipup, and all the starters. Remember they have to be male, and the Emogla has to be female!
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Okay you put in a link trying to show that you can breed an Emolga with a Ditto to get an Emolga with Iron Tail, which you can't. If you would check your own link nowhere on any of the lists for eggmoves is Ditto a compatible partner for breeding the move Iron Tail into an Emolga. The only move Ditto can ever know is transform and it only has other attacks after transforming into the opposing pokemon. Smeargle would be a better choice since it has the move Sketch which, after using it, allows Smeargle to learn any attack.