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I cant figure out how to get a snivy to learn iron tail. I know that it involves chain-breeding but i cant figure out how to do that. Can someone tell me how to do it and the order of pokemon I need to chain breed

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Do you have acces to an agron, & rydon? If you do I will answer.
No and no
You can try normal breeding ^^

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Good question, and it doesn't look easy. One method is to teach the TM to a compatible male Pokemon in Generation 4, migrate to Gen 5 and breed with a female Snivy.

If you aren't able to do that, then you'll need to chain breed. One method is:

  1. Get a male Aron that knows Iron Tail via level up (level 39).
  2. Breed with a female Mareep/Flaafy/Ampharos to get a male knowing Iron Tail.
  3. Breed that with a female Snivy.

You may also be able to do one of these:

  • Aron -> Nidoran(m) -> Snivy
  • Aron -> Rhyhorn -> Snivy
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catch an boy onix and raise it to teach it iron tail then breed it down with a female picachu.when you have a male picachu with iron tale let it have an egg with you serperior or whatever you are using to get a snivy and there you go

don't wory about a thing
Pikachu doesn't learn Iron Tail...
it does by TM in 4th gen. Can Tms not be obtained as egg moves
If Pikachu can't learn Iron Tail regularly...

No it was taught to Ash's Pikachu buy someone, like a move tutor in the games