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I want a HA Sableye in Ultra Sun, but doing SOS is hard, so I took my HA snivy and a Spinda, trying to get a Hidden Ability on a Spinda (to pass on to a Sableye). According to the breeding guide here, this should have a 80% chance of happening. How come this doesn't work? I did five eggs, and they were all Tangled Feet.

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HA Sableye you say?
Isn’t it’s hidden ability Prankster
I don't think that's how HAs work. You'd need to actually find a hidden ability Sableye in order to breed Sableye that will have Prankster. You can't use another species of Pokemon to get the other species's HA.
Also abilities can’t be changed using different species e.g. You can’t get Moxie Gyarados by having one of the parents a Moxie Krookidile
Oh. Is there any other way to get HA sableye?

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Only Females pass down their Abilities (In your case since you are not breeding with Ditto). Since your Snivy is a Male Pokémon, it is impossible for it to pass down its HA to get a HA Spinda. As a result of this, the only way to breed HA's onto offspring is to already have a Pokémon with its HA.

The only ways to get an HA Sableye is through trading, it being called as an ally by Carbink in Ten Carat Hill or in a cave in Vast Poni Canyon.

Sources: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_breeding

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