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I cannot use anything below 5th gen because I don't have any of the earlier games


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This one is a bit complicated but it works :P

Get a NidoranFemale in XY, and White (its available on those games)
Get a male Onix in ORAS, XY, BW2, or BW and level it up to lvl 40 in oras, it should learn iron tail.
Breed the onix and nidoranFemale.
After that you should get a NidoranFemale with Iron Tail (Breed until you got the NidoranMale (NOT FEMALE) or you can just breed the female nidoran with the iron tail with a Male Nidoran, and you should get an Iron tail NidoranMale.

After you got the Male Nidoran With iron tail, breed it with a female snivy and Evolve it to a Serperior

hope it helped :D

Umm, NidoranF and NidoranM can't Breed with Onix. Try Aron/Lairon/Aggron instead of Onix
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As long as you have oR or aS you have 2 major options. Iron Tail is a move tutor move with heaps of breeding options and easily the most advisable option (or even just straight up teaching Serperior the move).

Or you can use the Dex Nav to find one of several eligible parents with the move already (Dex Nav can give you egg moves), who can also learn Iron tail through breeding, although this could take some time. You've told us which games you CAN'T use, but it would also be helpful to tell us which game you ARE playing. Hope I've helped.

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Smeargle is a third option if you know how to and have that option available