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Since Emolga has equal Attack and Special Attack, should I go full special or physical, maybe even mixed? I'd like some coverage for rock and ice-types, and it seems like Iron Tail is the only move he can learn that can counter both of them. Plus, Acrobatics is pretty damn good.
Btw, this is for the Sun and Moon Battle Tree.

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Why are you using Emolga and not Gliscor?

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I think you should go mixed. Even though Emolga has great physical moves like Acrobatics (with no item), Iron tail (egg move) as you mentioned, and Facade; It's main good electric STAB moves like thunderbolt, Volt switch etc are all special moves. It's only physical electric type moves are spark, nuzzle (which are weak), and wild charge (which has recoil damage).

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ah, thank you!