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For in game purposes. I just used one to heat the entire BW2 all by itself.

Sorry if it’s already asked.
Lucario’s special attack is higher than physical attack. Furthermore, Lucario gets access to Shadow ball, Calm mind, Dragon Pulse, Nasty plot and Aura Sphere, giving it some amazing coverage. It can even learn super competitive moves like Heal pulse. Is it better to run is physical or special?

For some reason, I’ve seen people running physical ones more, but they may just be my strange luck.

For In game run both. Aura Sphere, Bone Rush, Ice Punch, and Dragon Pulse carried me through most of the game
Special is probably better for in-game because Lucario's strong physical STAB attacks all have low accuracy or low PP. Also nothing resists both aura sphere and shadow ball.
In my opinion, I would recommend a physical Lucario. While the base Special Attack stat is a bit higher than its physical Attack counterpart, Lucario learns mostly physical moves. Therefore, if you train it as a Special Pokemon, it might be a while before you can get a good range of special-category attacks. (Not taking into consideration TMs.)
I don't think training Pokemon in specific stats matter much for in-game because the easiest training is always overleveling, which increases every stat. There's nothing wrong with having a physical Lucario for the first half and switching to special for the second half.
sumwun has a point. However I do want TMs taken into consideration.
I think you should use a special Lucario if it's not gonna mega evolve.

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For me it's equal, special attack and attack have equal power..
Lucario is strong at special moves but it can learn just 2 on its evolution...
Lucario's stat is also strong at physical attack (weaker than special attack) but it knows more physical move.
So for me just make it equal..

Do you know which physical or special attacks are particularly good on Lucario?
Special attack: Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse
Attack: Brick Break, Bone Rush, etc..
You sure Lucario can learn brick break early enough to use it against a lot of opponents? And are ice punch or shadow ball good? No Pokemon in the game can possibly resist both aura sphere and shadow ball.