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I know Meditite and Medicham are physical, and Lucario is special, but what about other Pokemon?


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I will include Pokemon that are able to run the opposite stats set as well, and only fully evolved too.

Physical Fairies: Azumarill, Mawile, Granbull, Mega Altaria (optionally), Xerneas, and Klefki (optionally).

Total: 6

Physical Psychics: Medicham, Hypno and Exeggutor can both run physical sets, Mew (optionally), Mega Mewtwo X, Solrock, Metagross, Latios (optionally), Jirachi (optionally), Gallade, Victini (optionally), All Deoxys, Bronzong, and Malamar.

Total: 17

Special Fightings: Lucario (optionally), Mienshao (optionally), and Keldeo (both forms).

Total: 3

Sources: The type pages on this site.

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Everybody thinks Lucario is a physical attacker I hate it he has a higher special attack by 5
I guess now this list should change? Because of Kommo-O, Mimikyu, Bruxish and others?