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Favorite Pokémon: Well, here we go: Steelix, Lugia, Blaziken, Vigoroth, Lunatone, Milotic, Regice, Registeel, Vespiquen, Bronzor & Bronzong, Heatran, Manaphy, Victini, Samurott, Lilligant, Escavaliere, Ferroseed & Ferrothorn, Lampent & Chandelure, Doublade, Inkay & Malamar, Aurorus, Kartana.
Friend Codes: My code: 1263-9534-4461. Come trade with me!
About me: I'm honestly pretty average. Though online I can be outgoing, IRL I'm actually pretty shy.
There isn't much to say about me, but I guess I could tell about my original character.

Name: Rex
Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes, light skin, wears a lot of white and beige.
Home Region: Hoenn
Favorite Type: Ground
Pokemon Team Consists Of: Claydol, Palossand, Flygon, Camerupt, Vespiquen, Lanturn.

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Trade a Lugia at what game? I don't have one but I can get one pretty quickly...
Mar 10 by ♥♥~Espeon~♥♥
Gen 3 is my favorite generation. I'm not like a gen 3 version of a genwunner (because I love all generations), but I'm just saying that the jump from gen 2 to gen 3 was probably the second largest jump in the series (The largest being gen 5 to gen 6). The graphics and sound were so much better, double battles were introduced, and many others things just made gen 3 make a huge leap from gen 2.
I'm also proud of gen 3 because it introduced the largest Pokemon (Wailord), the heaviest Pokemon (Groudon), AND the supposedly oldest non-legendary Pokemon (Relicanth). Not to mention it introduced the fastest Pokemon (as well as the second fastest), and excluding megas, has the Pokemon with the highest sp. attack.
Feb 5 by Squirtle (◥▶ω◀◤)
I love Pokemon Sun! I'm really taking my time with it, not rushing too quickly. Can't wait for the stuff in the post-game, though!
Jan 14 by Squirtle (◥▶ω◀◤)
Post here if interested to trade a Lugia!
May 10, 2016 by Squirtle (◥▶ω◀◤)
Just got enough points to make a wall post lol.
Mar 24, 2016 by Squirtle (◥▶ω◀◤)