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What I am asking for is a list of all the Pokémon that have more Attack than Special Attack, and a list of all the Pokémon that have more Special Attack than attack. Megas do not count.

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@Alolan-Vulpix - That's not every Pokemon and the names were necessary.
"Having Stat A higher than Stat B" isn't everything. Most notably, Tapu Koko has a higher Attack than its SA, but almost everyone prefers to play it as special anyway because the physical moves it has available aren't very good, to the point that the shiny Tapu Koko distribution was locked into Timid to play into that tendency.

There are also Pokemon like Greninja and Lucario that do technically have a difference between the stats, but it isn't a very big one, and they can confincingly use moves from either side, or possibly even both sides at the same time. If anything, that represents an increase to their versatility and unpredictability. A lot like the effect when you see a Charizard at team preview and have to wonder "Which mega is that?"
Fascinating. Also Tapu Koko has STAB and Electric Terrain to make Thunder Punch strong (or other physical Electric type moves).
Look, you can't put every name in this answer, that will make it.... ugly, and full, cranppers answer on my question was very clean, but still time consuming.
+ https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/306982/what-are-all-shiny-pokemon-that-had-a-color-change?show=306997#a306997 If I got 12 upvotes for only gen 1, what would this answer have?
How would it be ugly? It is supposed to be long, it's information. Also, what's wrong with getting alot of up-votes?

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Alright, I'm going to do this by Generation, starting with Gen 1 obviously(and there would most likely be multiple answers from me)
Gen 1:
Bulbasaur line; all special
Charmander line; all special(except Mega Charizard X, as it's offensive stats are the same)
Squirtle line; special
Caterpie; physical
Metapod-Butterfree; special
Weedle/Beedrill; physical(Kakuna's offensive stats are the same)
Pidgey line; physical(Mega Pidgeot is special)
Rattata line; physical(same with Alolan forms)
Spearow line; physical
Ekans line; physical
Pikachu; physical(Raichu's offensive stats are the same)
Sandshrew line; physical(same with Alolan forms)
Nidoran(female) line; physical
Nidoran(male) line; physical
Clefairy line; special
Vulpix line; special(same with Alolan forms)
Wigglytuff; special(Jigglypuff's offensive stats are the same)
Zubat line; physical
Oddish line; special
Paras line; physical
Venonat; physical(Venomoth is special)
Diglett line; physical(same with Alolan forms)
Meowth; physical(Alolan Meowth is special)
Persian; physical(Alolan Persian is special)
Psyduck line; special
Mankey line; physical
Arcanine; physical(Growlithe's offensive stats are the same)
Poliwag line; physical
Abra line; special
Machop line; physical
Bellsprout line; physical
Tentacool line; special
Geodude line; physical(same with Alolan forms)
Ponyta line; physical
Slowpoke; physical(Slowbro is special)
Magnemite line; special
Farfetch'd; physical
Doduo line; physical
Seel's/Dewgong's offensive stats are the same
Grimer line; physical(same with Alolan forms)
Shellder line; physical
Gastly line; special
Onix; physical
Drowsee; physical(Hypno's offensive stats are the same)
Krabby line; physical
Voltorb line; special
Exeggcute; special(Alolan Exeggutor is special as well)
Cubone line; physical(Alolan Marowak is physical as well)
Hitmonlee/chan; physical
Lickitung; special
Koffing line; physical
Rhyhorn line; physical
Chansey; special
Tangela; special
Kangaskhan; physical(Same as Mega)
Horsea line; special
Goldeen line; physical
Staryu line; special
Mr. Mime; special
Scyther; physical
Jynx; special
Electabuzz; special
Magmar; special
Pinsir; physical(same as Mega)
Tauros; physical
Magikarp; special
Gyarados; physical(same as Mega)
Lapras' offensive stats are the same
Ditto's offensive stats are the same
Eevee; physical
Vaporeon/Jolteon; special
Flareon; physical
Porygon; special
Omanyte line; special
Kabuto line; physical
Aerodactyl; physical(same as Mega)
Snorlax; physical
Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres; special
Dratini line; physical
Mewtwo/Mega Mewtwo Y; special(Mega Mewtwo X is physical)
Mew's offensive stats are the same

Gen 2:
Bayleef/Meganium; special(Chikorita's offensive stats are the same)
Cyndaquil line; special
Totodile line; physical
Sentret line; physical
Hoothoot line; special
Ledyba line; special
Spinarak line; physical
Crobat; physical
Chinchou line; special
Pichu; physical
Cleffa; special
Igglybuff; special
Togepi line; special
Natu line; special
Mareep line; special(same with Mega)
Bellossom; special
Azumarill; special(Marill's offensive stats are the same)
Sudowoodo; physical
Politoed; special
All of Hoppip's line has equal offensive stats
Aipom; physical
Sunflora; special(Sunkern's offensive stats are the same)
Yanma; special
Wooper line; physical
Espeon; special
Umbreon; physical
Murkrow's offensive stats are equal
Slowking; special
Misdreavus; special
Unown's offensive stats are equal
Wobbuffet's offensive stats are equal
Girafarig; special
Pineco line; physical
Dunsparce; physical
Gligar; physical
Steelix; physical(same with Mega)
Snubbull line; physical
Qwilfish; physical
Scizor; physical
Shuckle's offensive stats are equal
Heracross; physical(same with Mega)
Sneasel; physical
Teddiursa line; physical
Slugma line; special
Swinub line; physical
Corsola; special
Both Remoraid's/Octillery's offensive stats are equal
Delibird; special
Mantine; special
Skarmory; physical
Houndour line; special(same with Mega)
Kingdra's offensive stats are equal
Phanpy line; physical
Porygon2; special
Stantler; physical
Smeargle's offensive stats are equal
Tyrogue's offensive stats are equal
Hitmontop; physical
Smoochum; special
Elekid; special
Magby; physical
Miltank; physical
Blissey; special
Raikou; special
Entei; physical
Suicune; special
Larvitar line; physical(same with Mega)
Lugia's offensive stats are equal
Ho-oh; physical
Celebi's offensive stats are equal

Gen 3:
Treecko line; special(same with Mega)
Torchic; special
Combusken's offensive stats are equal
[Mega] Blaziken; physical
Mudkip line; physical(same with Mega)
Poochyena line; physical
Linoone; physical(Zigzagoon's offensive stats are equal)
Wurmple/Silcoon/Cascoon; physical
Dustox's offensive stats are equal
Beautifly; special
Lotad line; special
Seedot line; physical
Taillow line; physical
Wingull line; special
Ralts line; special(same with Mega)
Surskit line; special
Breloom; physical(Shroomish's offensive stats are equal)
Slakoth line; physical
Nincada line; physical
All of Whismur's line's offensive stats are equal
Makuhita line; physical
Azurill's offensive stats are equal
Nosepass' offensive stats are equal
Skitty line; physical
Sableye; physical(Mega Sableye's offensive stats are equal)
Mawile; physical(same with Mega)
Aron line; physical(same with Mega)
The Meditite line has equal offensive stats(except for Mega Medicham; physical)
Electrike line; special(same with Mega)
Plusle/Minun; special
Volbeat; physical
Illumise; special
Roselia; special
The Gulpin line has equal offensive stats
Carvanha line; physical(same with Mega)
Wailmer line has equal offensive stats
Numel line; special(same with Mega)
Torkoal's offensive stats are equal
Spoink line; special
Spinda's offensive stats are equal
Trapinch line; physical
Cacnea line has equal offensive stats
Swablu line has equal offensive stats(same with Mega)
Zangoose; physical
Seviper's offensive stats are equal
Lunatone; special
Solrock; physical
Barboach line; physical
Corphish line; physical
Baltoy line has equal offensive stats
Lileep; special(Cradily has equal offensive stats)
Anorith line; physical
Feebas; physical
Milotic; special
Castform's offensive stats are equal
Kecleon; physical
Shuppet line; physical(same with Mega)
Duskull line; physical
Tropius; special
Chimecho; special
Absol; physical(same with Mega)
Wynaut's offensive stats are equal
Snorunt line has equal offensive stats(same with Mega)
Spheal line; special
Clamperl/Gorebyss; special
Huntail; physical
Relicanth; physical
Luvdisc; special
Bagon line; physical(same with Mega)
Beldum line; physical(same with Mega)
Regirock; physical
Regice; special
Registeel's offensive stats are equal
[email protected]; special(same with Mega)
Kyogre; special(same with Primal)
Groudon; physical(same with Primal)
Rayquaza's offensive stats are equal(same with Mega)
Jirachi's offensive stats are equal
Deoxys' offensive stats are equal(all forms)

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Thanks for the answer! Though I’m still waiting on the other generations.
I'll most likely finish it up tomorrow as a different answer(or 2) as one answer can hold only so much space
Do you have an exact number of special physical and mixed Pokémon you're adding to?
Trust me, this won't be done in a day.
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Answer #2

Gen 4:
Turtwig line; physical
Chimchar's line has equal offensive stats
Piplup line; special
Starly line; physical
Bidoof line; physical
Kricketune; physical(Kricketot's offensive stats are equal)
Shinx line; physical
Budew/Roserade; special
Cranidos line; special(jk it's obviously physical)
Bastiodon; physical(Shieldon's offensive stats are equal)
Burmy's offensive stats are equal
Wormadam Plant Cloak; special
Wormadam Sandy Cloak; physical
Trash Cloak Wormadam's offensive stats are equal
Mothim's offensive stats are equal
Combee's line has equal offensive stats
Pachirisu's offensive stats are equal
Buizel line; physical
Cherubi line; special(Sunny Cherrim is physical, due to it's Flower Gift ability)
Shellos line; special
Ambipom; physical
Drifloon line; special
Buneary line; physical(same with Mega)
Mismagius; special
Honchkrow; physical
Glameow line; physical
Chingling; special
Stunky line; physical
Bronzong; physical(Bronzor's offensive stats are equal)
Bonsly; physical
Mime Jr.; special
Happiny; special
Chatot; special
Spiritomb's offensive stats are equal
Gible line; physical(same with Mega)
Munchlax; physical
Riolu; physical
Lucario; special(Mega Lucario is physical)
Hippopotas line; physical
Skorupi line; physical
Toxicroak; physical(Croagunk's offensive stats are equal)
Carnivine; physical
Finneon's line has equal offensive stats
Mantyke; special
Snover's line has equal offensive stats(same with Mega)
Weavile; physical
Magnezone; special
Lickilicky; physical
Rhyperior; physical
Tangrowth; special
Electivire; physical
Magmortar; special
Togekiss; special
Yanmega; special
Leafeon; physical
Glaceon; special
Gliscor; physical
Mamoswine; physical
Porygon-Z; special
Gallade; physical(same with Mega)
Probopass; special
Dusknoir; physical
Froslass' offensive stats are equal
Rotom; special(all forms)
Uxie's offensive stats are equal
Mesprit's offensive stats are equal
Azelf's offensive stats are equal
Dialga; special
Palkia; special
Heatran; special
Regigigas; physical(however when Slow Start activates, Regigigas' offensive stats are equal)
Giratina's offensive stats are equal(both forms)
Cresselia; special
Phione's offensive stats are equal
Manaphy's offensive stats are equal
Darkrai; special
Shaymin's offensive stats are equal(except for Sky-Forme, which is special)
Arceus' offensive stats are equal

Gen 5:
Victini's offensive stats are equal
Snivy's line has equal offensive stats
Tepig line; physical
Oshawott line; special
Patrat line; physical
Lillipup line; physical
Purrloin's line has equal offensive stats
Pansage's line has equal offensive stats
Pansear's line has equal offensive stats
Panpour's line has equal offensive stats
Munna line; special
Pidove line; physical
Blitzle line; physical
Roggenrola line; physical
Woobat line; special
Drilbur line; physical
Audino's offensive stats are the same(except for Mega, which is special
Timburr line; physical
Seismitoad; physical(Tympole/Palpitoad have equal offensive stats)
Throh/Sawk; physical
Sewaddle line; physical
Venipede line; physical
Cottonee line; special
Petilil line; special
Basculin; physical
Sandile line; physical
Darumaka line; physical(except Zen Mode Darmanitan, which is special)
Maractus; special
Dwebble line; physical
Scraggy line; physical
Sigilyph; special
Yamask line; special
Tirtouga line; physical
Archen line; physical
Trubbish line; physical
Zorua line; special
Minccino line; physical
Gothita line; special
Solosis line; special
Ducklett's line has equal offensive stats
Vanillite line; special
Deerling line; physical
Emolga's offensive stats are equal
Karrablast line; physical
Foongus' line has equal offensive stats
Frillish line; special
Alomomola; physical
Joltik line; special
Ferroseed line; physical
Klink line; physical
Tynamo line; physical
Elgyem line; special
Litwick line; special
Axew line; physical
Cubchoo line; physical
Cryogonal; special
Accelgor; special(Shelmet's offensive stats are equal)
Stunfisk; special
Mienfoo line; physical
Druddigon; physical
Golett line; physical
Pawniard line; physical
Bouffalant; physical
Rufflet line; physical
Vullaby line; physical
Heatmor; special
Durant; physical
Deino line; physical(Hydreigon is special)
Larvesta; physical
Volcarona; special
Cobalion's offensive stats are equal
Terrakion; physical
Virizion's offensive stats are equal
Tornadus; special(both forms)
Thundurus; special(both forms)
Reshiram; special
Zekrom; physical
Landorus; physical(both forms)
Kyurem's offensive stats are equal
Black Kyurem; physical
White Kyurem; special
Keldeo; special
Meloetta; special(Pirouette form is physical)
Genesect's offensive stats are equal

Gen 6:
Chespin line; physical
Fennekin line; special
Froakie line; special(same with Ash-Greninja)
Bunnelby line; physical
Fletchling line; physical
Scatterbug; physical
Spewpa/Vivillon; special
Litleo line; special
Flabebe line; special
Skiddo line; physical
Pancham line; physical
Furfrou; physical
Espurr line; special
Honedge line; physical(Both of Aegislash's forms have equal offensive stats)
Spritzee line; special
Swirlix line; special
Inkay line; physical
Binacle line; physical
Dragalge; special(Skrelp's offensive stats are equal)
Clauncher line; special
Helioptile line; special
Tyrunt line; physical
Amaura line; special
Sylveon; special
Hawlucha; physical
Dedenne; special
Carbink's offensive stats are equal
Goomy line; special
Klefki's offensive stats are equal
Phantump line; physical
Pumpkaboo line; physical(all sizes)
Bergmite line; physical
Noibat line; special
Xerneas' offensive stats are equal
Yveltal's offensive stats are equal
Zygarde; physical(all forms)
Diancie's offensive stats are equal(same with Mega)
Hoopa; special(same with Unbound)
Volcanion; special

Gen 7:
Rowlet line; physical
Litten line; physical
Popplio line; special
Pikipek line; physical
Yungoos line; physical
Grubbin line; physical(Vikavolt is special)
Crabrawler line; physical
Oricorio; special
Cutiefly line; special
Rockruff line; physical(same with Lycanroc forms)
Wishwashi Solo form; special(School form has equal offensive stats)
Mareanie line; physical
Mudbray line; physical
Araquanid; physical(Dewpider's offensive stats are equal)
Fomantis line; physical
Morelull line; special
Salandit line; special
Stufful line; physical
Tsareena; physical(Bounsweet/Steenee have equal offensive stats)
Comfey; special
Oranguru; special
Passimian; physical
Wimpod line; physical
Sandygast line; special
Pyukumuku; physical
Type: Null's line has equal offensive stats
Minior's offensive stats are equal(both forms)
Komala; physical
Turtonator; special
Togedemaru; physical
Mimikyu; physical
Bruxish; physical
Drampa; special
Dhelmise; physical
Jangmo-o line; physical
Tapu Koko; physical
Tapu Lele; special
Tapu Bulu; physical
Tapu Fini; special
Cosmog's offensive stats are equal
Cosmoem's offensive stats are equal
Solgaleo; physical
Lunala; special
Nihilego; special
Buzzwole; physical
Pheromosa's offensive stats are equal
Xurkitree; special
Celesteela; special
Kartana; physical
Guzzlord; physical
Necrozma; special
Dusk Mane Necrozma; physical
Dawn Wings Necrozma; special
Ultra Necrozma's offensive stats are equal
Magearna; special
Marshadow; physical
Poipole's offensive stats are equal
Naganadel; special
Stakataka; physical
Blacephalon; special
Zeraora; physical

Source: Looking through ALL 807 PAGES of Pokemon on this site

Thank you for your patience

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