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Just wondering because it seems like Lucario is usually ran as a physical attacker despite having higher special attack, and Zoroark seems like this too.

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The list is long. Very Long.
This is for competitive, right? What format/rules are you asking about?
I'm not sure if this is the way to do so, but I'd appreciate if this question could be updated for Gen 8 / 9

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Ubers / AG

I couldn't find any.


Tapu Koko
Dragapult (although it can run either)




Lucario (counting NUBL as RU)


Zoroak (although it can also run either)
Sceptile (counting PUBL as NU)



Alolan Persian

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Yep, the AG and Ubers part needs to be a little fixed.
Pex use scald
Pelipper uses U turn
Torn uses U turn and sometimes knock
Some use mixed as well
Some Clef has knock
Some Chomp has draco and fire blast
Some Mag have iron head
Some moltres and zapdos have U turn
Some Fini have knock off
Some hydregon have U turn
Some blaziken use special sets
Most Dracozolt have Fire Blast

IK most of these are kinda but basically all pex have scald and pelis have u turn and Torn have U turn so I figured might as well include the rest
Most of them use those moves as utility and not for dishing out damage. Also, most Pokemon on your list have 1 or more moves of the opposite offensive category. Pelipper does use U-turn, but it also uses Scald, and some sets run Hurricane. Tornadus uses Focus blast/Heat Wave and Hurricane. Clefable has Knock Off, but it also uses Moonblast. Garchomp does run fire Blast, but it usually runs Scale Shot as well. Specially based garchomp is bad anyway. Magearna ran Iron head in Gen 7, when assault Vest sets were a thing. Now it usually runs Stored Power or Choice Specs, with no physical moves in sight. Moltres usually uses Scorching Sands and Flamethrower / Mystical Fire over U-turn. U-turn Zapdos is almost never used. Tapu Fini runs Scald/Surf and Moonblast/Draining Kiss too. Hydreigon almost never runs U-turn other than on Scarf sets which have less than 5% usage anyway, and those scarf sets use special moves like Draco Meteor, Earth power, Fire Blast, Dark Pulse. Special Blaziken sets are very rare
They still use them though
I didn't actually include stall Pokemon that use utility moves.