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Swampert as starter

Manectric's stats are a lot better.

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Manectric is a common Pokemon obtainable fairly early at Route 10 and probably one of the better obtainable Electric types in the game. It's fast, it has a good Special Attack stat, a good Mega Evolution, and a decent movepool, though through level-up it's fairly shallow outside of Electric-type moves.
Its overall good stats and solid matchups against key gym battles (especially Winona and Wallace) means that Manectric is a very hard Pokemon to pass up. I greatly recommend it.


  • One of the best Electric types obtainable
  • Solid movepool
  • Learns Discharge fairly early (Lv. 30 in ORAS)
  • Access to a Mega Evolution
  • Fast with good stats (105 Sp. Atk and Speed)
  • One of the best users of Overheat


  • Limited level up movepool outside of Electric type moves

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Now onto Mightyena, and I'm just going to make it quick by saying it isn't great. Its stats won't cut it by later in the game, and its movepool is fairly lacking. It makes good filler, but by the time you catch the Box legendary, you can dump Mightyena in favor of it. In the earlygame it isn't terrible, it evolves early and its stats are fairly high by then, and it learns Crunch and Sucker Punch through Level up, but I can't recommend it later.


  • Evolves early with fairly high stats
  • Gets some very good moves later through level up such as Crunch and Sucker Punch
  • Good attack (90)


  • Stats are not great later in the game
  • Movepool consists largely of Dark and Normal type moves
  • Fairly slow (70 speed isn't great)

Who do I recommend? Well, if you'd like to, use both? Mightyena makes a solid Pokemon up to the 5th or 6th gym. Manectric is a fantastic Electric type that you'd be hard pressed to pass up, since there aren't many Electric types available, let alone one with a great Mega Evolution on top of that.

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Doesn't Manectric learn overheat? There should be no reason to limit it to electric attacks when TMs are reusable in ORAS.
@sumwun oh snap, you're right! i forgot it could learn Overheat! My bad, I'll go edit that, sorry!
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Manecteic is a common Pokemon to be on an in game team for ORAS because of its good speed and spc atk and mega evo. Mighteyena does not bring much to the table, bot really excelling too much in any one stat.
Source: Myslef, and gameplay videos, and bulbapeda pages on the 2.

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