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Having Swampert, Gardevoir, Delcatty, Manectric and Roserade as teammates

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Why are you using Delcatty when there are so many better normal Pokemon like Swellow and Zangoose?
Ok, this might sound stupid but I need the Delcatty for contests.(Cute)
Delcatty's bloody useless in battle so you're better off dumping it now and only using it for, well, contests.
There are generally better options by now such as swellow, zangoose, or banette

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Latios. You don't have a flyer, and if you have Latios, you don't need Fly as you have the Eon Flute.

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This, is partially incorrect, since  you get the eon flute after defeating groudon and kyogre, although I agree latios is better
Hell, you could even Surf with Latios and just give Swamp Waterfall.