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Swellow has decent Atk and awesome Spd. Altaria has good Def and Sp.Def. Which one would be better? Swampert as starter.

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Is Swampert your only Pokemon at the moment? If not let me know which other ones you have so I know what synergises better with your current team (both options are great for ingame)
Swellow is better because its stat spread lets it sweep opponents faster. It also takes a lot less experience to level up.

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Swellow is the better option for a few reasons:

  • Taillow can be found in Route 104, making it accessible before Brawly's gym. This is useful since Flying is super effective against Fighting.
  • Swellow has great speed and good attack, giving it sweeping potential. Altaria is much bulkier than Swellow, but for an in-game play-through, speed and offensive stats are more rewarding than defensive stats. High speed and attacking stats speed up the game more, and the presence of Pokemon Centers and Potions alleviates the need to run bulky Pokemon.
  • Swellow levels up much faster than Altaria does in earlier levels. Swellow's evolutionary line has a Medium Slow Growth Rate, whilst Altaria's evolutionary line has an Erratic Growth Rate. Pokemon with Erratic Growth Rates level up rather slow in earlier levels, but experience a rapid growth rate when it reaches a certain level, hence the name. Therefore, Swellow grows faster than Altaria until Level 55; Pokemon usually don't reach this level until sometime around the end of the game. Source


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