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So earlier I asked on here whether Krookodile is a better choice than Darmanitan and now that's out of the equation but my friend suggested to me I should replace a member on my Pokemon Black DTQ for Scrafty and that member is Boufflant. He said Scrafty is a much better choice because it can be a great help for my team when I battle the Elite 4, N and Ghetsis. I'm unsure if I want to replace Bouffalant for Scrafty so could you guys help me out on who would be much better for my team? My current team I've picked out will be Serperior, Unfezant, Zebstrika, Darmanitan and Druddigon.

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Yes I Think You Should Replace Boufflant For Scrafty You Should Have Done This Earlier But Still Scrafty Is A Really
Great Pokemon For Unova's Elite Four It Has STAB For Fighting Which Easily Takes Care Of Grimsley And It's Dark
Typing Takes Care Of Shuantal And Catilin So That Means This One Destroys Half Of The Elite Four By Itself
Also Here's A Moveset For It.


Ability: Moxie
Adamant Nature
- Hi Jump Kick/Brick Break
- Payback
- Work Up/ Dragon Dance By Breeding With Axew Should Also Know Dragon Dance]
- Taunt

Let Me Explain Everthing -
Moxie - [Good For Sweeping]
Adamant Nature - [ Minus Special Atk Plus Attack]
Hi Jump Kick- [STAB Has A 130 Base Power] / Brick Break - STAB Hi Jump Kick Is 90 Percent Accurate Takes Fall Damage If Doesn't Hit]
Payback - [It Has 58 Speed That Means It's Slower Than Magikarp So It Can Make Great Use Of This Move]
Taunt - [For Pokemon Who Set Up A Lot. Example - Shauntal Cofagrigus Will-o-wisp ]
Work Up - [Raises Attack And Special Attack]
Dragon Dance - [A Great Set Up Move]
Also If You Want A Bouffalant Moveset Here You Go -

Ability: Reckless
Adamant Nature
- Revenge
- Megahorn
- Swords Dance/Work Up
- Thrash/Return

I Hope I Helped.

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I think it's better to use high jump kick, payback, crunch, and work up. High jump kick is usually stronger than brick break, swagger relies on luck and usually does less damage than a regular attack, and facade is weaker than high jump kick even when Scrafty is poisoned. Work up is extremely useful if the opponent has a weak Pokemon that lets you set up.
Yeah I Edited It Now And It's Way Better - Hi Jump Kick/Brick Break - Hi Jump Kick For Massive 130 BASE Power But It's 90 Percent Accurate If It Falls It's Going To Lose Half Of It's HP. Brick Break Is 100 Percent Accurate It Deals 75 BASE Power Lower Than Hi Jump Kick But It's The Best To Rely On. Payback Is For It's Pathetic Speed And Way Better Than Crunch = If The User Moves Last It's Damage Is Doubled Just Like Avalanche And Revenge.Taunt Is For Annoying Pokemon That Just Doesn't Attack You And Finnaly Is Work Up Which Is Good For Scrafty It Raises It's Attack And Special Attack Making It's Attack But It's Not A Special Attacker So Special Attack Does Not Goes To Use.
Can Scrafty learn bulk up before defeating Ghetsis?
Sorry It Cannot Learn Bulk Up Tm Is In Black City Which Is Post Game But If You Are Doing An Elite Four Rematch It
Really Helps But For It's Stuck With Work Up Or Dragon Dance But Can Obtained Via Breeding And Is Atleast Better Than Work Up.