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Where I train to beat him?

Yeah I know battle wild Pokemon but that takes forever!

I had heard that you can fight the gym leaders in a rematch but they won't rebattle me.

Please help.

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Ok now I am guna answer my own question.

The Pokemon league!

It has high level Pokemon but not too high level.

Plus I trained a swampert to level 95 using the Pokemon leuge so I could beet red with it!!!
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Well, if you do decide to battle wild Pokémon, make sure you do it in Mt. Silver as this place has the highest leveled Pokémon. If not, you can battle the Gym Leaders again and again, however, each Gym Leader is away at a different point each week so you will have to find them and get their PokéGear number so you can battle them again and again. You can also re-battle trainers that you have already registered in the PokéGear. They will be a lot stronger so you will gain lots of experience.

When you come to challenge Red make sure all your Pokémon have coverage moves so if you are in a tight situation you have back up without having to switch. Also, make sure you purchase many healing items so you are fully prepared.

As for levels, I suggest that all your Pokémon are Lv. 90 so they are all at least two levels above Red's - this will definitely maximize your chances of success.

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Gym Leader rematches can only be obtained after you get their number, and call them on a certain day in which they will appear at the Fighting Dojo in Saffron to battle you. Then after you beat them they dissapear, and you have to ring them again at the correct time. You can check here for stuff like that. The Gym Leader rematches normally have Pokemon from the low 50s to low 60s in level.

This as well as rebattling the Elite 4 is a good way to train to beat red. The Elite 4 are at higher levels on your rematch with them, the lowest being 58 (Will's Bronzong) and the highest, 75 (Lance's Dragonite).

Wild Pokemon battles do take forever, yes :P. However, if your Pokemon aren't up to scratch to beat the Gym Leaders/Elite 4 without heavy use of items and stuff, the best place is to train at Mt. Silver. The Pokemon here range from anywhere between high 30s to low 50s in level.

Also, Red is in Mt. Silver. His Pokemon are extremely powerful, from level 82 to level 88. The most dangerous is without a doubt his Pikachu, who is the highest level and also has Light Ball, boosting it's once lackluster offenses to deadly levels. It is recommended to have a diverse team of level 75+ to vs him, though it will be easiest if your Pokemon match his levels, or surpass them.