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I might Consider Cloyster for my training because of that great ability, but how am I supposed to use it? It was meant for Icicle spear obviously, but Icicle spear is SO WEAK (14 base power), why wouldnt they give that ability to a pokemon with rock blast or fury swipes?


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For one thing Icicle spear has 25 base power so 25 X 5 would equal to 125 so it is very nice. Also if you take in account of STAB, it would become 187.5 base damage already. With the new Shell Break, cloyster instantly increases 2 stages in ATK, S.ATK and SPE but also lowers DEF and S.DEF.

Cinccino is also a great user if you don't want to use Cloyster(why?!?!?)Cinccno has skill link too and has Bullet seed, Rock blast and Tail slap(has STAB)

Ambipom is the final user with Skill link. It has Fury swipes and fury swipers has 18 base power so 18 X 5 would be 90 plus STAB would be 135.

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add that a kings rock or claw for flinch chance.
  You can use trap to weaken incoming enemy or twineedle too.Not much damage but can be good coverage. But since only few steel types can resist both type, i would skip bug and spike cannon.
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Cinccino learns tail slap which has 25 power so its actually can be very useful. Also it learns Rock Blast and Bullet Seed