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I don’t have any rock types on my team but I do have a grass type, Decidueye.

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It depends, but Toucannon has a bit of a shallow movepool for in game purposes without Bullet Seed and Rock Blast.

The moves I see working best for Toucannon in game not including multi hit moves would be Drill Peck, U-turn, Brick Break, Return (if it has high friendship)/Frustration (if it has low friendship), and, if you're willing to earn some BP (if this is in USUM), Seed Bomb.

As you can see, that's not a lot of options. So, I would use Rock Blast, but if this is USUM, go with Seed Bomb over Bullet Seed. I would try Drill Peck, Rock Blast, Seed Bomb/Bullet Seed, and U-turn, personally.

Hope this helps! :)

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Thanks! Do you mean BP as in Beach Points or Battle Points? Also, if you mean Beach Points, which beach is it on?
Beach Points, Ula'ula Beach.

No problem! :)
Please note that beach points and battle points are the same counter.
Both are known as BP for that reason