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See, the thing is Toucannon learns Gunk Shot, which is classified as a move that is boosted by Sheer Force. Now, as a whole, Toucannon is not viable in the slightest, but if you had to use it, would this be viable? (It also learns Steel Wing and Flame Charge)

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Does sheer force boost beak cannon though
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Skill Link is generally preferred, due to its help in breaking subs and Sashes, plus Toucannon utilizes it well with moves like Fury Attack (Return is better though), Bullet Seed, and Rock Blast. Sheer Force doesn’t boost very many moves, with the physical ones being limited to Gunk Shot, Brick Break, and U-turn. It boosts Toucannon’s special moves (of which there are not many), and Toucannon is a lackluster special attacker. It works, but you would have to invest in Special Attack and use Choice Specs, making for a sadly narrow, unimaginative user of Sheer Force.

Overall, while it can catch an opponent by surprise, Skill Link is usually picked instead due to Bullet seed and Rock Blast being able to break Substitutes, Sashes and Sturdy, while Sheer Force doesn’t boost enough moves to make Toucannon very good with it.

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I thought return was strong than fury attack
It is, I was just including one of the moves that Skill Link affects. I'll edit it to make it clearer.
Thank you for the help!
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