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Yes Pokémon with the Sheer Force Ability do not lose any HP from a Life Orb when using a move that has an additional effect.

From Bulbapedia: "If an item has two effects, only the effect(s) that activate after attacking will be negated. Therefore, if a Pokémon holds a Life Orb, it will gain the passive damage boost (because it is not activated after the attack) but the recoil effect afterward will be ignored."

Source: Experience and Bulbapedia

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Huh.  Trying to use it like that didn't work for me.  I gave a wrong answer and hid it. "If a Pokemon with Sheer Force holding a Life Orb uses a move with a Secondary effect, the LO damage will not be sustained. However, if a Pokemon with Sheer Force holding LO uses a move without a secondary effect, the LO does do damage to the Pokemon." -Poke'slash
Yeah, I only knew that 'cause Ben told me.
Still, very nice knowledge, lol
Conkeldurr is also a good Pokémon to use with Sheer Force and sorry guy's your absolutely right. I should of mentioned you only don't lose HP from Life Orb when your using a move with an additional affect. But since the only point of using Sheer Force would be if you give your Pokémon moves with additional effects such as Psychic I didn't feel the need to put it, as I assumed he would already know that part. Sorry guys should of been more specific :/
if i remember correctly it gets more than the usual boost to damage from life orb also.