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Which entry hazard should I use for cloyster? spikes or toxic spikes? I was thinking of a moveset like this:

ability:skill link
item:choice scarf
-shell break(sweep em' all!)
-rock blast(125 power with skill link)
-surf(STAB/power boost from shell break)
-icicle spear(awesome STAB/godly insane 187 power from skill link)

so? is it good? I would like to know if I should change something or keep it the way it is.(by the way, I'm using this guy for competitive battling) thx fo your help!:D

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how is this related to the question on the title o.o

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No this is not the optimal Cloyster set. You'll want your item to be a Focus Sash so that you can pull off Shell Smash for sure. You'll then want to replace Surf with Razor Shell, being the best Physical Water type attack available to Cloyster.

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Thank you I was thinking of surf so I could have some diversity against physical walls instead of just using physical attacks, plus I didnt want to waste my stat boost from shell break. thx I will change it to focus sash!:D
After Shell Smash, you won't need to worry about Physical walls. Plus, Razor Shell has an increcible 50% chance of lowering the foe's defense stat by one stage.