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Icicle Spear


Rock Blast

Spike Cannon

This is NOT a moveset suggestion question.


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No, it cannot.

Icicle Spear- learn at level 13 as a shelder

Spike Cannon- learn at level 40 as a cloyster

Twineedle- you need to breed female scorpi/drapion with male beedrill/escavalier who knows twineedle for a male scorpi who knows twineedle. Breed the male scorpi with a female cloyster/shelder for your final pokemon.

Rock Blast- you need to breed a male omante/omaster or corsola or anorith/armaldo with a female cloyster/shelder. There are no pokemon that can learn both rock blast and twineedle and breed with cloyster :( You need to choose one.


Advice, use Rock blast considering tht Twineedle still hits twice every time even with skill link, I suggest shell smash.
Actually if you breed a male omanyte with rock blast with a female shellder with twineedle the resulting pokemon will have both moves.
That only works in gen 6, this was answered 3 years ago.