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Their faces look exactly the same...

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Is this a trivial question?
Maybe. I know that it says nothing about this in their pokedex entries but my brother asked me and got me interested.
Actually, their faces look quite different. They have the same eye shape, and their faces are dark colored spheres. That's pretty much the only similarity. Gastly's eyes and mouth are considerably larger than Cloyster's, at least, proportional to the size of their faces, their teeth are completely different, and Gastly's face has more features.

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Interesting question! While there is currently no cannon relationship between the two, there are some theories. One I've seen is that Gastly is the ghost of Cloyster because of their physical similarities, and another I've seen is the Cloysters are actually possessed by Gastlys. Although there is not much cannon evidence behind these theories other than their physical similarities, they are certainly interesting to think about!

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