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Country: Galar, motostoke to be precise
Favorite Pokémon: Kommo-o, I also love Mega Lucario, Mega Sceptile, Naganadel, Greninja and Dragapult
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About me: Favourite pokemon by type:
Bug: Vikavolt
Dark: Greninja
Dragon: Kommo-o
Electric: Zeraora
Flying: Noivern
Fighting: Kommo-o
Fire: Hisuian Arcanine
Fairy: Crowned Sword Zacian
Ground: Zygarde
Grass: Mega Sceptile
Ghost: Basculegion
Ice: Weavile
Normal: Silvally
Poison: Naganadel
Psychic: Mewtwo
Rock: Hisuian Arcanine
Steel: Mega Lucario
Water: Greninja
Favourite pokemon by generation:
Gen 1: Mewtwo
Gen 2: Skarmory
Gen 3: Sceptile
Gen 4: Lucario
Gen 5: Hydreigon
Gen 6: Mega Sceptile
Gen 7: Kommo-o
Gen 8: Dragapult/Hisuian Arcanine
Favourite pokemon by category:
Regular: Lucario
Mega Evolution: Mega Lucario
Pseudo-legendary: Kommo-o
Mythical: Zeraora
Ultra beast: Naganadel
Legendary: Mewtwo

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hii. welcome.
Aug 17, 2020 by sumwun
Welcome to Pokebase
Aug 17, 2020 by Iridacea
Welcome =)
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