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Im stuck on red whats the best way to beat red in heart gold I have tried everything

my pokemon are:
dragonite lv.88 its moves are surf,hyper beam,return,cut

feraligatr lv.79 its moves
hydro pump,cut,waterfall,and avalanche

floatzel lv.50 its moves are waterfall,razor wind,surf,wirlpool

mewtwo lv.73 moves are rock slide thunder strength phychic

honchkrow lv.29 moves are astonish pursuit fly swagger

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You definitely need better pokemon than level 50 or 29, like at least level 80 for all of them
All level 80? I've beaten Red with a team of 60's (Politoed, Togekiss, Typhlosion, Lugia, Dragonite, and Skiploom).

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All you need is good Pokemon choices with good movesets. If you want some suggestions, we can't even begin to help until we see your team, their levels, and movesets.

If you edit your question, giving this info, then I'll edit my own answer, giving advice.

EDIT: You have a good team, but the movesets are pretty bad.

Dragonite is so good, Stats-wise, but the moveset is horrible, to be honest. Keep Return, but get Dragon Rush, Dragon Dance, and Waterfall on it.

Two Water-Types? Wouldn't be my choice, but both of them are pretty good choices. You don't need so many Water moves on them, though. Feraligatr should lose Hydro Pump and Cut, and get Crunch and Ice Fang back.

Floatzel needs to only keep Waterfall, but get Bulk Up, Crunch, and Brick Break.

Mewtwo is pretty good!

Honchkrow has good Move type choices, but they're dreadfully weak. Get Night Slash on it to replace Pursuit, get Steel Wing to replace Swagger, get Thunder Wave (if you can) to replace Astonish. The paralysis is useful. If you can't get Thunder Wave, then get Psychic on it instead.

Your team definitely has the levels (With the right moves, Feraligatr and Dragonite could probably sweep Red's whole team), but you need much better moves for them.

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Thankes sooooooooooooooo much red has made me sooo mad >:(
but now im happpy :)
Just some more information on the actual battle. Be sure you pack about 15 revives, 20 Hyper Potions/Max Potions, and 10 Full Heals.

The part where you fall short is probably right in the beginning, against Pikachu, seeing as half of your team is weak to Electric, and is probably KO'd by Thunderbolt in one hit. Open up with Mewtwo to ensure Pikachu goes down in one Psychic.

Against Venusaur, keep Mewtwo, since Psychic hits super-effective.

Against Lapras, use Floatzel's Bulk Up and Brick Break combo to take down Lapras easily (beware of Body Slam, which causes Paralysis). If Floatzel faints, then get Mewtwo into battle (yet again) to hit it with Thunder.

Against Snorlax, its Achilles Heel is its low Defense. Get Feraligatr in there to hit it with some powerful Waterfall shots. It should KO it in 3 or 4 hits. Waterfall also has a chance to flinch, so you may get lucky and completely disable Snorlax for a turn.

Against Blastoise, it has incredible bulk, so send out Floatzel and Bulk Up for a few turns (use Potions and such if his HP gets low). Then hit it with Crunch. The added Defense will defend against any Physical Attack that Blastoise might be packing, and Floatzel also resists Blizzard and his Water attacks. If Floatzel faints, then send out Feraligatr. If he too, faints, then send out Mewtwo for Thunder.

Charizard will go down easily to Floatzel, Feraligatr, or Mewtwo. Waterfall and Thunder will punish it.

If I could give you any last advice, it'd be to level up Honchkrow more, and get Floatzel up to about lv.60. Also, if you have it, get a Steelix to set up Stealth Rock in the beginning of the battle (It sets it up perfectly, and resists Quick Attack and Iron Tail from Pikachu, and is immuned to Thunderbolt and Volt Tackle). This will inflict damage to Red's Pokemon whenever they enter the battle (And against Charizard, who is doubly-weak to Rock, it knocks its HP down halfway, just by ENTERING battle! It also takes 1/4 of Lapras' HP)