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Whats the best stratigy when battling the elite Four on Heartgold. my team is:


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Here are movesets for your other pokemon first...
Focus blast-for rock types
Roost-for healing
Substitute-lower HP and activate blaze and to use roost freely

Hammer arm-heavy damage and powers up avalanche
Avalanche-for grass types

Umbreon-curse-increase attack and defense
Payback-to take advantage of curse to cause heavy damage
Moonlight-to heal yourself
Quick attack-to hit first when you are close to ko your opponent

Metagross-meteor mash-STAB
Earthquake- for heavy damage
Zen headbutt-STAB
Agility-to start first for good sweeping

Breloom-Seed bomb-STAB
Sky uppercut-STAB and hit pokemon using fly
Thunderpunch-for flying types
Swords dance-to increase attack power

I would suggest a bug type if you forgot the last pokemon for the elite 4. I suggest a ninjask for Will and and the dark one(forgot her name)here is a set for it.

Ninjask-swords dance-increase attack
Protect-for a speed gain
Baton pass-to pass the attack and speed boosts

Hope this helps.

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Wow, No Offense SuperFlygon but those are Horrible Movesets.....

Lapras is Good, as SF suggested. Dragonite could also be Excellent.


Charizard: Air Slash(Bruno), Flamethrower(STAB), Earthquake(.........), Dragon Pulse.

Swampert: Earthquake(STAB), Waterfall(STAB), Hammer Arm(Lowers Speed, Karen), Avalanche(low Speed)

Umbreon: Copy Karen. Curse, Payback, Toxic, Moonlight.

Metagross: Zen Headbutt(Bruno), Earthquake(Der), Meteor Mash/Bullet Punch(STAB), Explosion(When Metagross Dies, The Foe Dies too..if not, they DIE!)

Breloom: Spore, Focus Punch, Substitute, Seed Bomb. Classic Death.

Lapras; Ice Beam, Surf, Thunder, Rain Dance


Dragonite: Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Fire Punch(KILL!)

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Try using Lapras or Shedinja as your last pokemon if you completely forgotten - anyway, here are some movesets:

Charizard - Heat Wave, Dragon Pulse, Dig, SolarBeam
Swampert - Avalanche, Hammer Arm, Endeavor, Toxic
Umbreon - Curse, Confuse Ray, Sand-Attack, Moonlight
Metagross - Shadow Ball, Rest, Sleep Talk, Earthquake
Breloom - Sleep Powder, DynamicPunch, Sky Uppercut, Counter
Lapras - Sheer Cold, Ice Beam, Double Team, Surf

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Your umbreon set is not good because you can't rely on confuse ray. They can just switch out to take off that status.Metagross is a physical sweeper and a rest-talk set is bad for him.you can use will-o-wisp to lower rock type power for charizard. So replace dig. The rest is good.
Well, AI foes won't switch, so it is fine.
They can also restore health
Thats also why I gave umbreon moonlight...
Wow so stupid
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Kay guys, Gab asked for a strategy, not movesets... >.>

against Will (Haha!), use Gengar to KO a couple of his Pokemon (Shadow ball, anyone?). If Gengar goes down, then use Metagrpss for near-perfect walling. You'll be guaranteed a victory.

Against Koga, use Metagross again, since he has a bunch of Poison-types that you can wall. Use Swampert for some backup.

Against Bruno, you guessed it, use Metagross and his Psychic-type attacks to take out everything. The only attacker who may pose a threat is Hitmonchan or Machamp. You'll be fine though, if you use Charizard for backup.

Against Karen, use Breloom and spam your best Fighting-type move (f he has it, hit Umbreon with Spore right from the beginning). If Breloom goes down (Houndoom WILL KO it), then send out Swampert for that healthy bulk.

Finally, Against Lance, Open up with Swampert and KO Gyarados. Against Charizard, keep him in and KO with a Water-type attack. Against Aerodactyl, use Swampert's Water-type attacks also. Against the Dragonites, spam whatever kind of strong attacks you may have in your team (Umbreon will be useful, since he's been unused up until now).

It says on the tags movesets.