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OK, so I have been playing Alpha Sapphire and I have made it to the E4, and I think I have a pretty decent team. But the farthest I made it was Pheobe. Specifically, her Dusknoir. That Dusknoir (in my opinion) is a real powerhouse. It had good defenses, and all of my Pokemon were either weak to it or the elemental punches it had learned. What should I do?

Thank you guys!!! I have a Heat Rotom in my Pokemon X, so I'm probably gonna go with that.  E4 WATCH OUT, IM COMING FOR YOU!!
Overleveling your Pokemon is the only real strategy here.

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And the Arceus said to some random guy,

Over-level thy Pokémon.

And some random guy beat the E4.

Just kidding :D If you want a serious strategy, try this: Outspeed that blasted soul-sucker and smite him upon the astral plane.

After running Ice, Fire, and Electric through the site's Type Coverage Checker, there is a grand total of one. Guess who it is?


Oven Buster (Rotom-Heat)@ Lum Berry
Ability: Levitate
- Shadow Ball
- Will-o-Wisp
- Charge Beam
- Overheat

Yay! Rotom! Fire/Electric resists all three of Ice Punch, Fire Punch and Thunder Punch, while Shadow Ball nails each and every one of Phoebe's Pokémon bar Sableye. Will-o-Wisp reduces the damage done by Dusknoir to the rest of you Pokémon should Oven Buster fall. Charge Beam has a chance of boosting your Sp. Attack, and Overheat is a nuke. The recommended item is Lum Berry because Dusknoir also carries Hex. This is a problem because both of her Banette will try to status you, and you don't want to by KOed by an unlucky Toxic + Hex.

How does Rotom fare against the rest of the Elite 4?

Mightyena: Neutral
Shiftry: Overheat
Cacturne: Overheat
Sharpedo: Aqua Jet!
Absol: Neutral

Glalie: Overheat
Froslass: Shadow Ball
Glalie: Overheat
Froslass: Shadow Ball
Walrein: Charge Beam

Altaria: Neutral
Flygon: Rock Slide!
Kingra: Surf!
Flygon: Rock Slide!
Salamence: Neutral

Skarmory: Overheat
Claydol: Neutral
Aggron: Stone Edge!
Cradily: Ancient Power!
Mega Metagross: Overheat

Good luck defeating Phoebe!

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Recommended Pokemon

I would suggest Pokemon such as Bissey, Aggron,Skarmory,Chansey and maybe M-Steelix
They all have high defense and neat HP so they can wall Dusknoir's punches.

Another good option would be Aeigislash.
It has high attacking Power coming in with STAB, priority Shadow Sneak which is super-effective against Dusknoir, Night Slash is also an option.
See here for the top defensive Pokemon

enter image description here
Aegislash - Being banned from OU in Smogon this sword and shield is quite a formidable opponent. With Base 150 for both SpA and Atk there are plenty of moves to choose from that can put off dusknoir such as Shadow Ball, Shadow Sneak, Night Slash and Shadow Claw
enter image description here

Aggron - A large movepool and fantastic stats Aggron could deal with Duknoir quite well

enter image description here
Mega Steelix - Resisting most the Punches and Base 230 is quite powerful and 125 attack can easily handle Dusknoir


  • Keep your Pokemon without any Status Conditions or Hex has the
    potential to blow wholes into your team.
  • Take advantage of Dusknoir's low speed, Base 45 is quite easy to out-perform.
  • Reflect might be a viable option as it will take down the Punches' damage quite a bit.
  • If you were really stuck a Destiny Bond Sacrifice is an option you could try
  • Overlevel your Pokemon (Works wonders In-Game)
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Mega Gardevoir or Mega Lopunny.

Gardevoir's Psychic/Fairy STAB along with Shadow Ball will let her sweep all of the E4.
Mega Lopunny with strong Fighting and Normal STAB (Return and Jump Kick for example) will sweep the E4 except for Drake.