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Don't know if this has already been asked :/

So I discovered that when you run from Tornadus, land, then use the Eon Flute, the Thunder Cloud respawns. While I haven't gotten to hunting these yet, can this respawns strat work to get a shiny, or do I have to soft-reset?

Tornadus Regice

I don’t know why it wouldn’t work

To test, damage the genie and then run

If you do the encounter again it and it’s still damaged, it’s the same each time you run away

If it’s healed, it’s a different one, and this would work as a shiny hunting method
Can't rn DS is charging
I feel like soft resetting would be faster than this
Still wanna see tho.
... It respawns even if I kill it...
It would be great if it did, I'm trying to reset for timid nature

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Well, after killing this thing over 400 times for EXP, I found a shiny. Running away does work. Case closed lol.