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I first send out Articuno and Cresselia and use Light Screen and Reflect.
Then I switch then out with my Gyarados and Drizzle Politoed, and I mega evolve Gyarados and use Dragon Dance.
Then, I'll use Aqua Tail to sweep. I'm worried that Gyarados will faint before I can sweep.

So wil this strategy work?

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Waterfall > Aqua Tail.

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Yes if all goes to plan it will work just beware of the Pokémon your opponent has on the battlefield, you don't want to be switching in when the opponent has a Electric Pokémon out etc.

Light Screen and Reflect will only last for 2 more turns after you've switched into Gyarados and set up Dragon Dance, so it would be wise to give them each a Light Clay to hold to extend the length of Light Screen and Reflect.

Also it may be a good option to replace Articuno as if you need to set up Light Screen/Reflect again it could die when being sent out to Stealth Rocks, as it loses 50% of it's HP when switching in.

Possibly replace it with a Pokémon who can set up Reflect/Light Screen and use Heal Bell/Aromatherapy. The reason I'm saying this is because I'm thinking what if the opponent had a Sableye with Prankster. Sableye normally packs Will-O-Wisp and it would be able to go first because of Prankster and burn your Gyarados decreasing it's Attack.

Gyarados could also miss with Aqua Tail so I recommend switching it for Waterfall. Waterfall is 10 less power but has a 20% chance to flinch.

Even though it is not the bulkiest of Pokémon, Espeon would be a good replacement to Articuno. With Magic Bounce Espeon cannot be taunted, it has Heal Bell and can set up Light Screen/Reflect.

Hope I helped :)

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That will work, but only if...

  • Articuno/Cresselia hold Light Clay, extending the duration of the screens from 5 to 8 turns.
  • Articuno/Cresselia don't faint.
  • Politoed can switch out to something that can cover Gyarados, like a Pokemon with Lightningrod.
  • Gyarados doesn't faint (duh).
  • You can keep Rain as a constant. (Due to Weather Nerf in Gen6)
  • Aqua Tail doesn't miss. This can be prevented by using Waterfall instead.
  • Gyarados doesn't get statused. This can be prevented by having a Pokemon with Heal Bell or Aromatherapy.
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Thanks for correcting my spelling Le Scraf :)
What are some bulky pokemon that know Heal Bell/Aromatherapy? Which pokemon do you recommend to use on my team?
Ok thanks!
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This is very high risk high reward, there are a multitude of reasons why


Taunt is extremely common in doubles and will prevent you from setting up Dual Screens and Ddance


The two Pokemon you open with can easily lure Tyranitar in, who can also take away your rain with sand

Fake Out

By flinching your leads it can throw off your screen balance


Upon seeing your Gyarados has Ddance, your opponent will attempt to hinder it, and he/she can do this by lowering it's attack


Klefki and Thundurus are rampant, and thanks to prankster they can paralyze you no matter how fast you are, and they are common taunters


Sleep from the likes of Amoongus, Breloom and others is also extremely common, and can hinder your water type sweep or support set up

Basically, what it comes down to is that this takes 3 turns to set up and you can't have any problems arise in these three turns, which is practically impossible. Your opponent will have three turns to cripple and damage you or even potentially set up and stronger counter offensive. It is best to refrain from offensive set up in doubles except in a few cases, and this is not one of those cases.

Hope this helps

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It depends on luck but if they don't use something that is super-effective against Gyrados no it will not faint.

Hope I Helped
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I would go for a Rotom > Articuno as a Screener. Also to set up a DDance you could use a Rage Powder/Follow Me Pokemon (Amoonguss resists Electric) to redirect the move so you can get up your Dragon Dance and sweep with that Gyara.

When you have that DDance up you can switch out Amoonguss and switch in Poli while Gyara protects. After have fun with a 4 turn long Waterfall Spam ( Waterfall has better accuracy and has a chance to flinch.

A Pokemon with Prankster also could set up Rain Dance so you don't have to worry about a enormous Electric weakness