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Just read the following and tell me if this is a secure double strategy:

PKMN Trainer X challenges you on a battle!
PKMN Trainer X sends out Garchomp and Swampert!

PKMN Trainer Arcarmon sends out Tyranitar and Audino!

Due to Tyranitar's Sand Stream, an eternal Sandstorm has been summoned.

Garchomp used Swords Dance!
Its attack rose sharply!

Audino used Ice Beam!
Garchomp → 25 % of his health!

Tyranitar used Dragon Dance!
Tyranitar's Attack and Speed rose!

Swampert used Counter!
But it failed!

Tyranitar used Stealth Rock!
Pointed Stones are on the opponent's team!

Garchomp used Swords Dance!
Its Attack rose sharply!

Audino used Ice Beam!
Garchomp fainted!

Swampert used Muddy Water!
Audino → 81 % of her health!
Tyranitar → 79 % of his health!

X sent out Heatran!

Tyranitar used Dragon Dance!
Its attack and speed rose!

Heatran used Fire Blast!
It missed!

Audino used Hidden Power!
Heatran fainted!

Swampert used Counter!
But it failed!

X sent out Salamence!

Tyranitar used Dragon Dance!
Its Attack and Speed rose (Now, it is enough)

Salamence used Dragon Dance!
Its Attack and Speed rose!

Audino used Bestow!
Audino's Assault Vest is now Tyranitar's!

Swampert used Mirror Coat!
But it failed!

Now, I have Tyranitar's Sp.Def doubled because of Sandstorm and Assault Vest, and Dragon Dance raised its stats. It is beast. Able now to tank any special attack. Audino is EV Trained in her defensive. Hidden Power is ground. Heatran is not specially defensive, explaining how it fainted. Audino have Klutz, making her unable to use her Assault Vest, thus helping the Bestow strategy as she doesn't have access to Trick or Switcheroo. Tyranitar is EV trained Defensively and by HP so that now, all of his stats are beast. I can now spam Earthquake!

Would this work ?

Those tags aren't really helpful.
if this is x or y you should at least give tyranitar a smooth rock because sand stream will now only last for five turns. if its not I think it will work great but its still a little bit risky. you should put in a sandstorm-move in you team in case another weather move is used. however, i am still a beginner. have no idea in what is good and what is not
Get rid of all hose tags except strategy, pm'll go nuts
also im like 90% sure his goes on BS

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Idk why you're so sure that Swampert and Garchomp will be the opposing Pokemon, but I'll go with the suspense of disbelief and just roll with it.

  1. Garchomp won't use another Swords Dance after being hit with an Ice Beam unless you're fighting an idiot.
  2. Who uses a Swampert with Counter when it can use better moves like Waterfall or Earthquake.
  3. If you're making T-Tar a tank, why are you using Stealth Rock? Rocks are okay in doubles, but in double battles entry hazards are much less effective because you're not as likely to switch, due to lower chances of being able to take hits because there are 2 Pokemon on the field that can attack you.
  4. You sure have a lot of faith in Swampert not packing Earthquake and Fire Blast missing.
  5. Audino has base 60 sp. atk. It can't OHKO Heatran with HP Ground:
    252- SpA Audino Hidden Power Ground vs. 112 HP / 0 SpD Heatran: 160-192 (45.58 - 54.7%) -- 55.86% chance to 2HKO
  6. Swampert also has better things to do than carry Mirror Coat.
  7. You can now spam Earthquake and... not hit Salamence while KOing Audino.
  8. Salamence will be packing full speed EVs. It will outspeed T-Tar with one Dragon Dance, and it'll most likely hit T-Tar with Earthquake.
    As a damage calculator would indicate...
    +1 252 Atk Salamence Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 252 Def Tyranitar: 248-294 (61.38 - 72.77%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
  9. All weather abilities will only cause the weather to last 5 turns in Gen VI.

You also need to consider how many turns this will all take; doubles tends to be much more offensive than singles solely because 2 Pokemon can target one Pokemon and KO it in one turn.

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OK. Thank you. I wa giving a sole example. Then I can forget Assault Vest Tyranitar...
You can use Assault Vest T-Tar, it just needs to be a special Tank and have an entirely offensive moveset.
Not sounding too much good.