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So to SR for shiny Thundurus/Tornadus you have to save and look at the Pokedex right? So if I KO it and battle the E4 when it respawns will it have a chance to be shiny even if it wasn't shiny in the Pokedex?

Edit: I saved before encountering Thundurus

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If the answer is wrong, then you should hide it.
Hellfire Taco, I've been doing it for over 8 months. It's hard. Yes, I started my test encounters before this was even posted. My friend and I are both doing it.
Even if encountering a Thundurus and soft resetting took only one second, it'd take over 1,000 years to encounter Thundurus 194,294,681,053 times.
That number you've given is the biggest and saddest lie you could ever come up with.
What you should really test is whether Tornadus/Thundurus pre-KO and post-KO are identical to each other. If they're different, then the game rerolls its stats, which would also include its shiny chance; if they're the same, then it doesn't.

I'd test it myself, but I've already caught Thundurus in my copy of White, and I'm not completely resetting just for an answer.

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