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Some trainers and Gym leaders have a strategy some are just stupid. What’s the AI for these in game decisions?

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I’m trying to know specifically the AI, specifically how the moves selected are based. Will it always go for a super effective move, will it always go for maximum damage, will is always use a recover move under a specific condition, is it always going to be a 1/4 chance, etc.
Different trainers have different AI “sets” that analyze what is going on and decides what to do off of them- coded into the logic of the game. I may try to find a list of such decisions for every game, but it may take a while. Also, why no Gen 3? If this question becomes useful, having all games, even if you don’t need their info, would help a lot of other people. :P
if you okay with gen 3, I can unhide my answer :D
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Moves selection are not fixed for most Pokemon in FRLG. Let me go poke by poke.
1) brock's geodude mostly always goes for defence curl for few turns. then it starts attacking.
2) similarly to geodude, onix also likes to put up some hardens. or else it will start binding.
3)Even misty staryu loves to use harden. after it has used 2 or 3 hardens if its in red or about to be red health, it goes for recover if not, then it spams water pulse.
4) lt.surge's volt orb screeches a lot and uses sonic boom mostly.
5) pikachu likes to uses double team and thunder wave. if you didn't attack it will go for quick attack.
6) raichu loves the same thing. But it goes for attacks more frequently. Yes here it checks whether you're scrreched Pokemon or not, then decides shock wave or quick attack.
7) If you're weak to erika's moves, those Pokemon will go for attacks. If not, they love putting status so that vileplume can finish you.
8) koga's koffings like to explode with self destruct or toxic you.
9). His muk likes minimizing and acid armoring a lot. Then it procedes to kill all Pokémon of yours. Weezing has no particular move choices. Goes for some thing by 1/4 Times.
10) Blaine's pony bounce and fire spin a lot, small dogy likes take down and blast of fire and big doggy likes fire blast and roaring and sometimes biting.
11) Giovanni's 1st rhyhorn likes scary face and almost guarantees that it'll go for it. Or else rock blasting or quaking.
12) others are usually using their normal type moves or quaking. Rhyhorn is similar to first one, just depends if the front Pokémon of yours has speed lowered or not.

Also please note that these are usually not always. I've played FR many times and this has usually happened. But it doesn't mean they 'always' follow this or else most Pokemon challenge youtubers would not be able to complete there challenges. :P
source: my playthroughs
( I'll update this soon)

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