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Some trainers and Gym leaders have a strategy some are just stupid. What’s the AI for these (For all generations Exept 3)

isn't it randomized ?
Well yes, but there is always a strategy. For example, I think I remember Gen 1 E4 going for most effect moves first.
I’m just wondering how it works. If there is an AI pattern.
I am feeling it from my experience of playing games and observing this till gen4 .the usual trainers you find in routes have Pokémon which are like wild Pokémon but their level is different (like a level 12 metapod only knows harden and not tackle )but you obviously can't catch them

The gym leaders are  similar but their Pokémon's moves are formatted (like onix knowing rock tomb)
The elite four are just like very tough gym leaders but they use yes or no

The AI says (let's take lance) ( champion)
If your Pokémon is weak to electric move it will use thunder if not then dragon rush (if it is not steel )

Sometimes the strategy is just a fixed sequence of moves .
Pls note I am answering on the knowledge I obtainedupon observing these NPCs .
What does "moves are formatted" and "they use yes or no" mean?
Gosh I didn't realize I didn't answer it but commented it
You answered it, and then I converted it into a comment. Can you answer my questions now?

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