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AI=Artificial Intelligence (I'm sure you'll know what it is)

This only applies to in-game trainers from Gen III onwards. Hope you guys can answer this...

If you can't figure out what this is, I assume it's how a trainer will send out a Pokemon to their advantage. (Like Red, like when you send out a Charizard, he'll send out his Blastoise).

Easy. I do!
Ehh... the one who gives the most money is the best AI? :3
Something tells me I think it's Wallace in Pokemon Emerald. Unsure though...
KOD is right according to this page.
I haven't put this as an answer, because it doesn't name the trainer wit the best AI

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In the games, Pokémon Trainer (rendered as "PKMN Trainer" ) is used as the Trainer class for certain storyline characters. These opponents tend to be the most powerful non-arena Trainers the player will face, notably including rivals (except Blue and Silver, who are instead outright referred to as rivals), Red from Pokémon Gold and Silver, Crystal, and HeartGold and SoulSilver, Steven from Pokémon Emerald, the Stat Trainers in Pokémon Platinum, and Cynthia from Black and White. N and Colress also use this class until they are revealed to be members of Team Plasma. This class is used for every opponent in link battles and the Pokémon World Tournament.


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