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In RSE, there's a trainer in the Trick House named Lass Sally who says she's going to use cut, but Pokemon used by regular trainers almost never know any non-level up moves. Please don't question my curiosity.

Although, the more appropriate answer is "Why not?".
There is no evidence to suggest that NPC characters' Pokemon don't know field moves. Just because they're not used against the player doesn't mean they don't know it. For example, there are plenty of NPC characters in places in RSE where you need Surf or some other HM to get to. It would make sense for them to have those field moves, but not actually use it in battle, because with exception of Cut and Flash (*maybe* Rock Smash), the other moves are strong enough to slightly increase the difficulty - which the developers seem adamantly against. Most NPC characters that are not Gym Leaders/E4/ Special trainers are easy to defeat, and to have them use stronger moves like Surf or Waterfall or Fly would up the difficulty. Given the target audience is kids who are probably first timers, it would explain why those moves are not used, and instead a permutation of two useless moves are spammed.

Now, to Sally's specific case:

 - Cut is given freely by an overenthusiastic guy in Roxanne city. If you wanted to apply back ground stories to NPCs, it's not too far a stretch to say Sally got her HM from the Cutmaster as well.
 - Funnily enough, her Pokemon, Oddish, is one whose leaves on its head are said to be sharp enough to cut down trees.
 - In all probability, she doesn't really have Cut (explaining why she's stuck before the first tree). Or does, and is unfortunate enough to battle the player before getting the chance to use it.
 - The most likely answer is this, however:

 >The usage and requirement of field moves to be somewhere is not stressed upon so much for non-important NPCs.  The developers program them to be where they are and little or no backstory is given to the player, because it's irrelevant to the main plot. There's barely any effort made to be consistent with all of the games' mechanics when dealing with non-important NPC characters. Sally just says she needs to use it, as a special message planted by the developers to give a hint to very young (or very stupid) players who don't realise that you need to use the HM Cut to navigate through the Trick House.


EDIT: You're right. It is long but inconclusive. I didn't realize you were thinking in terms of actual coding within the game, and actually checking whether that specific Pokemon had that move coded in. That's not my area at all, and frankly it goes deeper than what I can look for. That said, I did sort of guess it was unnecessarily long (382 words, you say?). Yikes. Poor kid who got banned tho :(

Also, yay! that you don't want me banned xD
There's no need at all for 382 words of speculation that doesn't even lead to a definite answer when you can just test your game or look at the game data. I think some other user named Loomhigh got banned for posting these kinds of answers. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not see you banned along with him.
You're welcome, I guess.
You’re not going to get banned for posting slightly faulty answers, unless you do it constantly and are completely unreceptive to feedback on it. I have never banned anyone for that reason alone.

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To answer this question factually were gonna have to start with some lore first then move on to canon then to some tests. So are lore here which I'll admit some is speculation is that Oddish's description states"The leaves on it's head are Sharp enough to cut tree's"
But Gardevoirs description say's that it can create small black holes so... take that however you would like. (Black hole science), Now according to the Database Oddish CAN in fact learn cut so that helps the odds and do npc's have a reason to lie? as I have stated in a few other of my answers games are a series of 1 & 0's so there is no "deeper" level of tninking so if Sally says I am going to use cut well she is god damn going to! but I hear you doubters out there who say "This is just speculation no facts goat"
And I agree! while the 1's and 0's don't have a complexity of neurons going on the person punching those numbers in does! so this brings us to my favorite part the test.

For this test you need computer skills
(Know you could check this by battling oddish till it uses struggle because npc's have pp but I find that boring.)
I plugged the game into my computer with some cables checked out the code and found that it was something I wasn't fluent in (I would have had to translate with Japanese manuscripts) so instead I decided to hack it as to be able to catch others trainers pkmn and you will find that her oddish does not know cut lol what a liar.

If you would like proof (as in files of code and stuff or sources)or why I didn't put any links or anything in put that in comments please.(Good reason) and if you would like the file for hacking your game to catch other peoples pkmn put that in comments as well I have two files for that one with actual code and one for how to set it up hope this helped sumwun! that wun in particular

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