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Pokemon whose levels can be raised to match the player's, like the ones in Battle Towers, don't count. This is what I think I know already.
RBY: rival
GSCHGSS: some guy on a big mountain; forgot his name and which Pokemon he had
RSE: Steven
DPPt: rival
BW: Alder?
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In RBY, it's your rival.
In GSC, it's Pokemon Trainer Red.
In RSE, it's Steven.
In FRLG, it's your rival.
In DPPt, it's your rival.
In Black and White, it's Cynthia, Alder, and Game Freak Morimoto.
In Black and White 2, it's Benga, Janna, and Jariel.
In X and Y, it's Diantha.
In ORAS, it's Wally.
In SM, it's Pokemon Trainer Red.
In USUM, it's Red and Giovanni.

Hope this helped!


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You can try looking here: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Template:NPC It might not be complete, but it's the best page I've found so far.
Seems like a good source so far. Let me keep looking.
Does Steven have a Pokemon stronger than level 80? Because Wally does.
Whoops, let me edit that. I should have known that though since I am doing a OR nuzlocke.
I added some ties with Janna, Jariel, and Giovanni.
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Rby Rival
Frlg rival
Gschgss red
Rse oras steven
Dppt rival
Bw alder
Bw2 n
Xy Serena
Sm red
Usum red
took me an hour to compile up correct me if one is wrong

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Red's Pikachu is USUM is Lv. 74, so your wrong on Giovanni
Where's FRLG?
Diantha can use level 80 Pokemon, which are higher leveled than Serena's level 70 starter.